DCN July 2017 - Page 15

meet me room Andrew Fray – Interxion In a career spanning 30 years, Andrew Fray joined Interxion as managing director in December 2015, having worked in telecoms and ICT for most of his working life, including management roles in BT, Swiftcall, KDDI and Telehouse. Here, Andrew discusses changes he’s seen in the industry, such as the momentum of hybrid cloud, what makes a successful data centre and his love of London. What were you doing before you joined Interxion and how did you first get involved in the industry? Before joining Interxion, I spent over seven years as a director at Telehouse Europe, where I oversaw governance, risk and compliance. I was thrilled to join Interxion as managing director UK in December 2015, inspired by how the company is redefining what it means to be a data centre. The chance to lead the company through the major expansion of its London campus, and make a lasting mark on the future of the capital’s technology infrastructure was an unmissable opportunity. What are the biggest changes you have seen in the data centre industry? The industry is evolving and progressing. One of the biggest changes is the clear shift to hybrid cloud, with customers ‘toggling’ between resources in public clouds and their own private clouds. Today, we are working closely with organisations - most notably in the financial services, digital media and connectivity businesses - to help them redefine their structures accordingly to fully enable ‘cloud’. Another theme is matching the App