DCN July 2016 - Page 8

industry news Riverbed survey finds that companies are struggling to support remote and branch office IT Riverbed Technology has released the results of a survey that showed that organisations are facing multiple challenges when managing IT at the edge – at remote and branch offices. The Riverbed survey asked IT professionals about the various challenges they face in provisioning and managing remote and branch offices (ROBOs) and found supporting the IT edge was expensive, resource intensive and full of potential data security risks. IT at the edge continues to be provisioned and managed largely as it has been for the past 20 years, with distributed IT spread out across potentially hundreds of remote and branch locations. However, this approach can bring data risk and operational penalties to companies at an extremely high cost, and in today’s increasingly distributed enterprise with a primary focus on data and security, past approaches may not be ideal for business success. Given the various challenges associated with managing remote sites, organisations have their hands full in supporting the edge. The top three challenges of managing ROBOs in order of importance are: H  andling ROBO disaster recovery (54 per cent) High costs of providing ROBO IT (46 per cent) Providing adequate IT staff to support ROBOs (46 per cent) ‘The new Riverbed survey shows that companies are really struggling to effectively and efficiently manage their IT operations at the edge,’ said Joe Bombagi, director, SteelFusion, EMEA & APJ at Riverbed. ‘As companies continue to move more of their operations to remote locations, it is becoming increasingly difficult to manage their back up and recovery processes and provide adequate IT staff onsite at each individual location.’ 8 More board level discussions required on data centre energy efficiency, suggests research conducted on behalf of The Green Grid New research indicates that nearly a third of boards do not discuss data centre resource efficiency, despite it being considered an important part of their CSR strategies. This is leading to increased uncertainty and difficulties in predicting and reducing future costs, according to The Green Grid.  The Green Grid surveyed 150 IT decision makers and found that only two thirds (62 per cent) of organisations are discussing data centre energy efficiency at board level. This suggests that conversations to better understand the contribution of green IT to CSR strategies, must be facilitated through clearer monitoring and measuring models provided by IT leaders. Roel Castelein, EMEA marketing chair of The Green Grid said, ‘There are two issues that are leading many organisations to struggle in understanding resource efficiency and how best to increase it. Firstly, the conversations are not always happening at the right level. Sustainability is an organisational issue and therefore it needs to be understood by the board - especially as the data centre is often one of the largest resource drains in an organisation. Secondly, even when it is discussed at the board level, many are uncertain about the subject due to a lack of data and experience in order to make effective decisions.’ PCCW SOLUTIONS LAUNCHES D-INFINITUM GLOBAL DATA CENTER ALLIANCE PCCW Solutions, the IT services flagship of PCCW, has announced the launch of D-Infinitum Global Data Center Alliance (D-Infinitum), a strategic alliance with leading data centre service providers around the world addressing enterprises’ growing demand for cost effective multi-site colocation and value added services across countries and locations. The D-Infinitum network combines more than 80 data centre facilities across over 40 cities globally. PCCW Solutions together with the D-Infinitum partners intend to offer multi-site colocation and value added services to the clients, including managed services, facility management, business continuity, disaster recovery, etc. Mr Ramez Younan, managing director of PCCW Solutions, said, ‘PCCW Group is well known for its world class capabilities and global connectivity across over 3,000 cities worldwide. PCCW Solutions together with the D-Infinitum partners intend to provide a full suite of hosting and colocation services in addition to connectivity and value added services, thus providing a one-stop hub for clients’ global hosting needs and enabling them to reap the full benefits of each of the locations to achieve their availability, performance, security and capacity requirements.’