DCN July 2016 - Page 45

products & innovations Ventilation needs of data centres answered with heavy duty floor grilles Gilberts Blackpool’s GF Series of heavy duty floor grilles each deliver air volumes up to 500l/sec with a jet velocity just over 3m/s, whilst withstanding point loading up to 4.5KN (to meet EN13264:2001) in most raised floor types. Screwdriver operated slimline hit/miss slot dampers are available, which are position lockable, and attached to the grille body; this makes handling easier, and reduces cost, whilst giving finite control over the airflow to eliminate risk of hot or cold spots. Manufactured from extruded aluminium, the grilles are available in a choice of medium or extra heavy grade, depending on static loading. Designed to replace 600mm square floor tiles, each grille is specifically engineered with the internal bars set on a straight, close (13mm) pitch, to prevent heel penetration and snagging. They can be easily removed as required to provide access for cabling and utility services RMI below. For optimum integration into the data centre design, units are provided as standard in mill finish, but can be supplied with a brush (bright grain effect) finish, shadowline (matt black internals with a bright grain fascia) or nylon colour coating. For further information visit: www.gilbertsblackpool.com EFFICIENTIP MAINTAINS TECHNOLOGICAL LEADERSHIP WITH SOLIDSERVER 6.0 EfficientIP has announced the availability of Solidserver 6.0, a new interface for managing large IP networks, which brings the benefits of DNS Guardian security to the enterprise market. To handle the fast growing number of IP addresses with IoT, cloud and virtualisation projects, companies need to execute the most effective and secure performing network services. The lifecycle management of so many addresses is putting pressure on network teams, who need reliable tools to set, manage and monitor their services. Solidserver 6.0 integrates an intuitive, modern and fast user interface to manage large IP networks, alongside the most powerful functions available on the market. This latest version of EfficientIP’s appliance suite uses technology designed to deliver scalable, robust and secure solutions for the next wave of virtual and hardware DDI product. The product has been optimised and improved to ensure the best user experience when managing large sets of IP addresses. Customers will benefit from an effective management system, and a DDI solution that supports business agility and prevents new services from experiencing loss of service. For further information visit: www.efficientip.com/products/solidserver NLYTE SOFTWARE INTRODUCES VIRTUAL POWER DISTRIBUTION UNIT Nlyte Software has announced the Virtual Power Distribution Unit (V-PDU) availability as part of the company’s Data Centre Service Management (DCSM) Solution. The V-PDU offers equivalent capabilities and functionality of hardware based PDUs but at a 90 per cent cost saving. Offered as part of Nlyte’s Platinum Edition, the new V-PDU continues the IT industry’s trend of virtualising data centre hardware into more agile, scalable and less expensive infrastructure software. The foundation of the V-PDU is the Branch Circuit Analytics Engine, which is a core component of the newly released Nlyte Energy Optimizer (NEO). The software enables data centre management functions that mission-critical facilities normally spend thousands of dollars to derive from intelligent PDUs using hardware. For further information visit: www.nlyte.com Minkels launches its MatrixCube mini data centre solution in Europe After the successful initial launch of the MatrixCube in Belgium, Minkels will now extend this offering to the Netherlands as well. The Dutch market launch will then be followed by other countries, including Switzerland, France, the United Kingdom and global export regions. The MatrixCube is a pre-configured, turnkey IT infrastructure solution specifically designed for small and medium sized companies and is intended to relieve the IT manager of all IT infrastructure concerns. The Minkels MatrixCube is an easy to install, redundant – N or N+1 or 2N – comprehensive data centre solution with racks, cooling, uninterruptible power supply (UPS), power distribution units (PDUs), cable management and monitoring systems. The MatrixCube is also an easy-to-expand solution, thanks to its modular functionalities. The airflow optimisation features ensure energy efficiency, resulting in significant opex savings. For further information visit: www.minkels.com 45