DCN July 2016 - Page 44

projects & agreements Calligo selects Cloudian HyperStore for S3 based Storage-as-aService solution Cloudian has announced that Calligo has adopted its HyperStore Smart Data Storage solution to provide a cost effective Storage-as-a-Service solution to its customers. After seeing a growing demand for S3 based Storage-as-aService, Calligo selected Cloudian HyperStore based on its 100 per cent S3 compatibility, in addition to its innovative feature sets such as global management. Cloudian HyperStore was also able to deliver snapshot back ups direct from its SolidFire infrastructure that Calligo currently uses. Calligo deployed a fault tolerant, disaster resilient service with Cloudian HyperStore appliances across two data centres. Calligo plans to expand to a global network of Cloudian based cloud services. It is currently developing a strategy for data placement within its cloud offerings, which will enable Cloudian to cover areas including back ups, archives and general storage as service offering. Since the Cloudian deployment, Calligo has been able to provide cost effective and easy to manage cloud storage to its customers. 44 CENTRILOGIC EXTENDS CANADIAN FOOTPRINT TO WEST COAST CANADA CentriLogic has announced its expansion into the West Coast Canada market with the leasing of a new facility in Vancouver, British Columbia. This facility extends the company’s Canadian footprint beyond Ontario, where the firm currently owns and operates four data centres throughout the Greater Toronto Area. CentriLogic has also established redundant private network interconnects from Ontario to Vancouver, ensuring dedicated network connections for optimal security and performance of data transfer between facilities and customer sites. CentriLogic can now deliver its portfolio of managed hosting, cloud, colocation, private network and disaster recovery as-a-service (DRaaS) solutions coast-to-coast for national and global enterprises that need the coverage. Delivering managed hosting solutions to clients in the Western Canada market is a logical next step following CentriLogic’s November 2015 acquisition of Advanced Knowledge Networks (AKN), a provider of fully managed Wide Area Network and IT infrastructure solutions with facilities and customers across Canada. The company plans to invest up to $2m upgrading the Vancouver facility’s infrastructure for improved redundancy and resiliency, which is located within Vancouver’s primary carrier hotel at 555 West Hastings. Gigya’s new Russian data centre helps companies comply with privacy legislation Gigya has announced the opening of a new data centre within Russian national borders to ensure compliance with the Russian Federation’s Personal Data Protection Act, which went into effect on 1st September 2015. The bill mandates that companies which maintain online properties serving Russian citizens must store those citizens’ data within Russian borders. The new law reflects a global trend toward governments requiring that their citizens’ data reside locally. Other recent examples of this include the recent regulatory shakeup in the EU, where the previous Safe Harbour Framework for securing US— EU data transfers was deemed invalid and ultimately replaced with the more stringent Privacy Shield agreement. In all, since 2013, 20 or so countries have either proposed or discussed potential laws which would require Internet data in those countries to remain within their borders. To address this trend, Gigya employs a multiple data centre strategy to ensure that its customers avoid risk while still delivering seamless and trusted c \Y\^\Y[\ؘ[]YY[\ˈHXZ[Z[[][\H]H[\YXB[X\Y[ۙX\[\[\][ۘ[H[H[XZ[[[\X[B][]˂