DCN July 2016 - Page 43

projects & agreements bet365 selects SwiftStack for move into object storage Online gambling company bet365 has announced its move into object storage with the implementation of SwiftStack. The aim of the deployment is to reduce the complexity and cost of managing the massive amount of data that is generated by the business. After a successful Proof of Concept, SwiftStack was chosen because of the simplicity of the solution. The initial deployment is to be hosted across two of bet365’s primary data centres.   bet365 is already looking to scale this out to other core data centres, which is where the simplicity of the underlying SwiftStack architecture really pays off. Other products tested by the company didn’t allow for expansion across multiple sites and regions, without significant complexity and cost burdens.   The move to object storage will not only give the company greater access to and control of its varied data sets but also enable bet365 to leverage the cost efficiencies of commodity hardware and open source software.  FLEXENCLOSURE BUILDS CHAD’S FIRST DATA CENTRE FOR MILLICOM Flexenclosure has has completed construction of a new, $6m 374m2 data, communications and colocation centre for Millicom, the leading mobile operator in Chad. Tigo is Millicom’s brand across Africa and Latin America. Built in the Chadian capital N’Djamena, the new technical facility is a full turnkey eCentre implementation. eCentre by Flexenclosure is a custom designed, prefabricated modular data centr եѡЁ́ЁѼ)䰁ɝ䁕ЁѼ)Qݥɽ٥ȁQ éфɕեɕ́ݥЁ%Pݕȁ)\ Qѥݡєɕ́ձ䁽ݥѠ̰ѡ́᥵ͥ5e)᥉ѼɔѡѼєɥمѕ䁡ѕѕ́ɕЁ̻ͥ )QɔѡЁ͕ɥɽɕ́ɔݕѡ䁡́ɥЁ)́ɽѽ%Ё́ձɽѕѕݥѠм܁ QXɥ́ձ䁅ѽѕ)ѕЁѕѽѥ݅ɹх䁥ЁՕ̸)%ѥՍѥѡфɔѽЁᕹɗéѽ䁥YɄMݕ)ݥɥѥѕ́Ѽձѕѕɔ͡()M ѥ)չ́)ѕɹѥ)ͥɽ)%ѕɽїé1)фɔ)M ѥ͕́ѕѡ)1фɔ %ѕɽє)ѡչȁ́ѕɹѥ)ͥɽ )M ѥхѕ)Ʌѥ́ɽ٥ȁ)͕%PЁ)ͥM5́ݥѠѥձ)́ѡхѥɕ͔٥Յ͕٥ɽ̸)Q䁥́܁չ)ѥ́ɽѠٽѥ)ɽɅЁ͕ѥ)ɽͥՐ͕)٥ɽЁѥեѼ)ѡͅ٥Յͅѥ͕٥̰)́ͽɍѥ٥ )QѼɽ)䁅ѥݥɥ)ѡѼ͔)%ѕɽїéɥѕфɔ)5ɥи9ܰȁ)ѕɹѥͥɽа)M ѥ͕́ѕ)%ѕɽїéфɔ1)ɽݡѡݥ)Ʌєݽɱݥ̰ͥ)ݥѠɕЁѼѡ5ɥ)фɔѡɽ՝%ѕɽїe)ɽɔݽɬQ)䁥ɕ͔ɕեɕM) ѥ́ͼɽѕ)ѡѼѡȁ)ͥѕѼ%ѕɽїe)фɔ ɱͱѕѼх)ѕȁѡ́啅ȸ((((0