DCN July 2016 - Page 3

contents Vol. 5 | Issue 1 July 2016 data centre news SPECIAL FEATURE: w w w. d a t a c e n t r e n e w s . c o . u k HIRING PEOPLE THAT FIT Virtualisation & cloud services 16 Tony Connor of Datapipe INSIDE… Vol. 5 | Issue 01 | July 2016 SPECIAL FEATURE: BIG DATA & INTERNET OF THINGS INTERVIEW: MEET… JESSICA CONSTANTINIDIS OF DIMENSION DATA OPINION: KATE BRIMSTED OF REED SMITH LLP REVIEWS THE SAFE HARBOR RULING explains what you need to consider when migrating to the cloud 18 Matthew Finnie of Interoute looks at the rise of hyperconvergence and how it affects the enterprise cloud transition 36 IT personnel Owen Ashby of Cognisco highlights the need for experienced people with great technical skills to manage and work in data centres 4 Welcome 34 Asset management What to look out for in this issue 7 Industry News Adrian Barker of RF Code discusses the importance of accurate, real time asset management in the data centre All the latest news, views and industry information 12 Centre of Attention Steve Martin of the Electrical Contractors’ Association gives his view on the UK’s data centre industry and assesses the opportunities open to it 40 Projects & agreements High profile installations and contract agreements 45 Products & innovations The latest and greatest products and systems designed for the data centre 22 Paul Turner of Cloudian explains why why S3 is setting the standard for cloud storage 24 Richard Blanford of Fordway discusses the different ways of implementing cloud, and the different sets of risks and dependencies of each 14 Meet Me Room Jake Madders of Hyve Managed Hosting explains to DCN the personal attributes he believes are needed to start your own business 30 Data resilience David Trossell of Bridgeworks explains in detail why CEOs and CFOs need to understand the CIO agenda 50 Final Thought Jon Leppard of Future Facilities discusses the pros and cons of raising data centre temperatures 28 Jason O’Conaill of Infinity SDC looks at how cloud is shaping business 3