DCN July 2016 - Page 24

virtualisation & cloud services PIECING IT TOGETHER Richard Blanford of Fordway gives some guidance on putting together your own jigsaw of cloud services. S o you’ve reviewed your business and IT strategy and decided that the time is right to move one or more of your IT services to the cloud. You then have to decide what type of cloud will best meet your needs. Do you simply want capacity and equipment to be provided by a third party, or would you like management too? There are three options: O  n-premises or dedicated resources provided/managed by a third party with user self-service, automation and billing/cost chargeback – generally referred to as private cloud. ‘Vanilla’ cloud services, where a third party provides capacity in their data centre but you manage the service or services yourself – generally public cloud. Managed cloud services, where you transfer responsibility for all aspects of a specific service or services to a third party provider or partner and can tailor it your specific needs within the provider’s capabilities. Key considerations include security, compliance, what resilience is needed and, importantly, the recovery/ownership of data. For most 24 organisations the optimum solution will be a mix of two or more types of service – what we define as hybrid cloud. This is in effect just a way of provisioning services, which could be IaaS, PaaS or any other ‘aaS’. I believe hybrid cloud will be a staging point as organisations continue their cloud journey and services become more capable and resilient. The management services available ar e also continuing to evolve to meet the needs of hybrid cloud. For example, you may choose public cloud for some services but there may be applications that don’t Figure 1: Fordway’s view of the future of cloud fit – perhaps legacy services, or something requiring a non-standard SLA – and so need a specialist provider. However, you may be able to manage them from your public cloud platform. Alternatively, your specialist provider could buy a cloud management service which enables you to manage your entire portfolio, including public cloud. Debunking the myths A number of myths have sprung up around hybrid cloud. Firstly, many people assume they are buying fixed capacity. They don’t realise all variants