DCN July 2016 - Page 18

virtualisation & cloud services THE ENTERPRISE CLOUD TRAN Matthew Finnie of Interoute explains why enterprises must look to underpin the transition to the cloud with a focus on a bimodal platform that combines stability, privacy and performance with the ability to support. B uilding an effective enterprise approach to digital transformation requires a clear head, the ability to manage it (or know someone who can) and the right platform that allows you to realise your ambitions in something more akin to weeks and months as opposed to years. 18 For many, the creeping or stark realisation is that a digital strategy, eg. rethinking how technology makes you more competitive, is no longer a simple IT tidying up exercise but is increasingly a competitive imperative for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Not to have one, or lacking the ability to respond to changes in the market and new entrants, denies your business the competitive flexibility it needs. Core to transformation is having a platform that you can exercise, leading to a radical rethink of the make up of enterprise data centre and IT infrastructure. This shift from the status quo of own build, private cloud and integrated data centres is a response to a growing desire