DCN July 2016 - Page 14

meet me room JAKE MADDERS - HYVE With a strong and diverse career in the tech industry, Jake Madders created his own company Hyve Managed Hosting where he serves as director. Consumed by a passion for technology and understanding a growing need for excellent customer service, Jake set about creating a company to reflect the ever changing IT landscape. Hyve provides the highest quality hosting solutions for its valued clients, spanning a wide range of industries: from technology and telecommunications, to healthcare and financial services with a solid customer service ethos at its core. What personal attributes do you need to successfully start up your own business? I would say motivation, drive, dedication and patience. These are all vital as there is so much more work than you can even begin to anticipate when setting up your own business. There are lots of road 14 blocks to overcome on the way but it is definitely worth the effort in order to make your business a successful one. What challenges did you encounter when setting up Hyve? Managing time was a challenge as we started with no staff (except myself and my business partner) as we had no investment to cover salaries for employees. This meant building a business whilst running sales, support, marketing and chasing payments simultaneously between the two of us! Although difficult, this gave us a very real insight into the work that each employee would eventually be doing.