DCN February 2017 - Page 63

final thought become an increasingly important challenge within data centres . The nature of data centres in this new environment - ever more centralised and serving multiple companies , makes maintaining uptime more important than ever . The result in a hardware heavy environment is that repair loops and parts logistics are critical . Looking to the future , we ’ re expecting to see ever more stringent service level agreements , with repairs expected in a matter of hours to minimise downtime .

Changing technology highlights skills issue As we see greater technology proliferation in business , and therefore dependence on hardware , a potential skills issue is highlighted . Government and national initiatives have tended to focus on more digitally focused skills such as code writing to develop SaaS platforms . Interestingly when we speak to resellers , however , despite the rise of cloud solutions , the majority agree that hardware skills will be essential to the future success of the channel and IT industry . The challenge for the future will be maintaining , growing and improving existing hardware skills to meet the ever rising capacity and processing power new data and server hungry technologies require .
With an ever increasing dependence on cloud and communicative technology , data centres will continue to grow in dependency around the world . Businesses anywhere will likely already have some or all of their data
The continued growth of cloud technology has meant that large tech firms , resellers and service providers are all continuing to build .
stored off-premise . For resellers and vendors , it ’ s important to be able to recognise the shift in reliance and provide solutions and products to ensure they can still achieve the expected service levels for offpremise infrastructure .


As well as its regular range of features and news items , the March issue of Data Centre News will contain a major feature on software and applications .
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