DCN February 2017 - Page 61

products & innovations XIRRUS ENHANCES ITS CLOUD MANAGEMENT SOLUTION Xirrus has introduced a cloud managed Wi-Fi solution and enhancements for CommandCentre aimed at managed service providers. Xirrus CommandCentre benefits include the ability to create and manage an unlimited number of customers with the addition of adding and activating new customer accounts instantly and autonomously. From customer accounts simply drag and drop assignment of equipment and fast problem resolution with built-in support and feedback tools makes the command centre user friendly. This is further enhanced with single sign-on Wi-Fi access integration with Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps ecosystems, as well as integrated EasyPass access services for guests, BYOD and employees. The latest enhancements to Xirrus CommandCenter enable MSPs to incrementally scale operations, monitor customers and respond immediately to minimise network downtime. MSPs can manage anywhere from dozens to thousands of customers at the same time. As they add new customers and activate new services, the overall operation becomes more complex to manage, yet customer expectations do not change. This new solution features a network operations view for individual Wi-Fi network status and automatic escalation with the ability to drill down into a network for added visibility and troubleshooting. For further information visit: www.xirrus.com Compuware ‘de-legacies’ billions of lines of COBOL code with agile java-like unit testing Compuware Corporation has announced the availability of Topaz for Total Test, a mainframe solution that brings java-like unit testing to the world of COBOL applications. The world’s largest enterprises run their business on COBOL - but can’t nimbly update that code in response to changing business needs due to quality concerns, antiquated processes, and loss of application expertise. Compuware is addressing this issue with the first fully automated mainframe unit testing that empowers in-house, outsourced, expert and novice developers alike to immediately validate code changes. This java-like unit testing effectively eliminates the notion of COBOL as ‘legacy’ code that can’t be updated with the same speed and confidence as other code - providing large enterprises with unprecedented agility. By bringing fast, developer friendly unit testing to COBOL applications, Topaz for Total Test also empowers enterprises to deliver better customer experiences, since to create those experiences, IT needs its agile/devOps processes to encompass all platforms, from the mainframe to the cloud. For further information visit: www.compuware.com Viavi introduces Certifi - cloud based workflow tailored for enterprise test and certification Viavi Solutions has launched Certifi, a cloud based system enabling enterprise cabling contractors to manage test and certification projects across increasingly distributed workforces with complex specifications. Certifi, powered by Viavi’s StrataSync cloud management platform for network service providers, delivers a solution proven in large carrier networks that has been adapted for enterprise cabling contractors. Enterprises are installing, expanding and upgrading data centres and networks to address a continuing acceleration in bandwidth usage. According to Viavi’s State of the Network study, 48 per cent of respondents expect bandwidth to double between 2016 and 2017. Contractors need an efficient way to manage projects across their technician base to improve accuracy and speed of certification. Certifi enhances overall project workflows by syncing test and certification instruments and managing them via a centralised cloud based system. From that vantage point, an administrator can create and distribute project designs, assign projects to team members, pre-load test instruments with tasks and required test criteria and assimilate, analyse and share test results in real time. A major benefit and differentiator of Certifi is the breadth of options for user interfaces: from web based, to mobile App (iOS and Android), to on-instrument UI. Team members can establish alignment at every stage of their projects, significantly reducing the time, cost and errors associated with offline communications. For further information visit: www.viavisolutions.com 61