DCN February 2017 - Page 60

products & innovations

Romonet launches validated by Romonet

Romonet has launched a new certification program , Validated by Romonet . The certification proves an organisation has been through the rigorous process of data cleansing and validation , calibration , analysis and corrective action ( if required ). Validated by Romonet also demonstrates a company ’ s commitment to financial , energy and environmental efficiency through the use of the latest analytical technologies .
Romonet ’ s holistic approach to data centre lifecycle analytics is unlike other certification programs that focus on power , process or the building . Romonet analyses and predicts data from site selection and investment to ensure financial control , climate responsibility and the most efficient operating environment .
Romonet ’ s patented processes and the latest artificial intelligence algorithms independently ensure that facilities management services , vendor equipment and ongoing maintenance plans are optimised to improve the delivery of IT services . With Validated by Romonet , organisations can prove the accuracy of data by which major capital investment decisions are made , as well as show shareholders and customers commitment to improving data centre efficiency .
The ROI on critical infrastructure investment and improvements made in operational performance are also trackable and companies can become more transparent when reporting and reducing environmental impact . For further information visit : www . romonet . com

Barracuda introduces virtual and public cloud firewalls for MSPs

Barracuda Networks has announced the introduction of two new versions of Barracuda NextGen Firewall – Intronis MSP Edition .
The virtual version of Barracuda NextGen Firewall provides MSPs with a turnkey solution designed to protect networks running in VMware , Citrix XenServer , KVM and Hyper-V virtualised environments , while the public cloud options provide secure connectivity for Microsoft Azure , Amazon Web Service ( AWS ) and Google Cloud Platform .
The virtual firewall solution allows customers to scale their virtual deployments faster and more dynamically , operate in environments that are 100 per cent virtualised and reduce their investment in dedicated hardware . Additionally , MSPs offering hosting services can leverage the virtual firewall to reduce customers ’ hardware footprint .
The performance , security and availability of today ’ s networks is enhanced through integrated WAN optimisation , and features a dedicated centralised management console . The virtual firewall can also be controlled through a single control centre , making it easier to deploy common security policies across multiple units and multiple customers .
With access to real time information about the firewall deployment , the centralised console enables MSPs to quickly and easily generate reports on their Barracuda NextGen firewalls , or create pre-configured templates for easy roll out , increasing system availability while keeping administrative time and operation costs in check . For further information visit : www . barracuda . com


Eaton has announced that it is collaborating with Scale Computing . As part of the collaboration , Eaton and Scale Computing will provide data centre and information technology ( IT ) professionals with power management solutions that scale along with Scale Computing ’ s HC3 environment , to meet their growth and expansion needs .
Scale Computing ’ s HC3 virtualisation platform is a complete ‘ data centre in a box ’, offering organisations server , storage and virtualisation integrated into a single appliance . Using industry standard components , the HC3 platform delivers a data centre solution that reduces operational complexity , allows a faster response to business issues and dramatically reduces costs .
Eaton provides scalable and redundant power management supplies to Scale Computing HC3 appliances in up to eight-node clusters .
Hervé Tardy , vice president and general manager , Distributed Power Quality Division , Eaton , commented , ‘ The combination of Scale Computing ’ s HC3 appliances with Eaton ’ s solutions will deliver business value for mid-sized businesses by helping them quickly and easily adopt hyperconverged technology with a complete power management solution to organise , protect and manage their investments .’ For further information visit : www . eaton . com