DCN February 2017 - Page 59

products & innovations R&M UPGRADES R&MINTELIPHY SYSTEM FOR NETSCALE R&M is introducing its new R&MinteliPhy system for Netscale. The next generation of automated infrastructure management (AIM) for the world’s highest density fibre solutions now runs in continuous self-testing mode to automate system health checks. Netscale combined with R&MinteliPhy ensures up to date key information is always available, supporting infrastructure managers’ decision making and helping avoid risks. By combining next generation cable management and patch cord design with automated connectivity tracking, Netscale Solutions delivers ultra high density, making it possible for example to support a SAN director in just two 1U housings. Software defined network (SDN) architectures can be planned more sensibly. Troubleshooting or making decisions regarding infrastructural changes based on incorrect, out of date or unreliable documentation is like walking a tightrope without a safety net. An AIM system is needed to automatically detect when cords are inserted or removed and document cabling infrastructure and connected equipment. R&MinteliPhy automates tracking of network cabling, ensuring data integrity of the documentation. Netscale can be configured with integrated AIM functionality, allowing customers to gradually extend the features and functionality of their investment whilst managing costs. For further information visit: www.rdm.com IBM delivers new all-flash storage for cognitive workloads IBM has announced new, all-flash storage solutions designed for mid-range and large enterprises, where high availability, continuous uptime, and performance are critical. The solutions are built to provide the speed and reliability needed for workloads ranging from enterprise resource planning (ERP) and financial transactions to cognitive applications like machine learning and natural language processing. Designed to support cognitive workloads, clients can uncover trends and patterns that help improve decision making, customer service and ROI. ‘The DS8880 all-flash family is targeted at users that have experienced poor storage performance due to latency, low server utilisation, high energy consumption, low system availability and high operating costs. These same users have been listening, learning and understand the data value proposition of being a cognitive business,’ commented Ed Walsh, general manager, IBM Storage and Software Defined Infrastructure. ‘In the coming year we expect an awakening by companies to the opportunity that cognitive applications, and hybrid cloud enablement, bring them in a data driven marketplace.’ IBM’s family of DS8880 all-flash systems includes: business class storage, enterprise class storage and analytic class storage. For further information visit: www.ibm.com/flash Schneider Electric collaborates with HPE on Micro Datacentre solution Schneider Electric has collaborated with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) on HPE Micro Datacentre, introduced recently at the Gartner Data Centre, Infrastructure and Operations Management conference in Las Vegas. The collaboratively engineered converged infrastructure solution provides end-to-end IT infrastructure, networking, storage and management in a single, selfcontained and easy to deploy architecture ideal for distributed IT environments. Schneider Electric is leveraging its SmartBunker FX, an integrated and secure enclosure with UPS, power distribution, cooling and monitoring, with HPE storage, network and compute solutions to create HPE Micro Datacentre, a custom designed and integrated architecture that supports edge environments. The software defined HPE Micro Datacentre utilises cloud enabled HPE ConvergedSystems and HyperConverged, as well as IoT HPE Edgeline solutions. Ranging in size between 23U and 42U, the enhanced solution, built within the Schneider Electric SmartBunker FX, incorporates IT with 1N and 2N power and cooling, environmental and security monitoring in a single-delivery platform. Complete with full remote management capabilities for the IT and physical infrastructure components, SmartBunker FX brings data centre level availability and reliability to locations lacking dedicated IT space or that require additional levels of physical protection or security. For further information visit: www.hpe.com 59