DCN February 2017 - Page 32

infrastrucure management PROFESSIONAL FEEDBACK A recent survey, conducted by independent analyst Freeform Dynamics in association with Eaton, revealed that a significant number of data centre professionals lack confidence in their current power management capabilities and are considering taking steps to address this issue. Here, Dennis O’Sullivan, data centre segment lead at Eaton, discusses findings from the research and examines how, by adopting a more holistic approach to data centre infrastructure management, data centre managers can gain greater visibility over their entire application, enabling them to simplify management, make better informed decisions and reduce costs. Following the survey of 320 data centre professionals across Europe, research from Freeform Dynamics has shown that the increasing business demands on IT are putting pressure on systems infrastructure, as well as the underlying facilities that keep the data centre functioning effectively. Faced with the task of ensuring the facility’s business continuity in this changing landscape, it is not surprising that the majority of data centre professionals studied lacked confidence in their facility’s resilience and ability to respond effectively to power related incidents. The survey revealed that this confidence gap has a very clear foundation: Of all the companies studied, nearly half had experienced a prolonged power outage leading to disruptive downtime within the past six months. Shorter outages were shown to be an even more common occurrence, with 30 per cent of respondents suffering one within the past month. The widespread occurrence of service outages, together with a lack of confidence in existing capabilities, is boosting the need for organisations to invest in their facilities. The survey showed that over 60 per cent of professionals surveyed identified a need to strengthen their facility’s infrastructure, monitoring and management, resilience and disaster 32