DCN February 2017 - Page 29

infrastrucure management when in fact many have lost data audit can uncover significantly more integrity through uncontrolled access IT assets than data centre owners and DC changes taking place that previously assumed they had, are not captured or reported. They including discovering hidden assets fail to identify where there may be or ‘ghost’ devices. These can be weaknesses in existing processes and redeployed or removed if redundant, remedying them before implementing rather than wasting valuable space ‘intelligent technology’. and money, as shockingly one in When wireless LAN appeared three data centre servers is a ghost/ on the market in the early 2000s, zombie device, (Computer World many vendors were unable to inter- June 2015). It is also the first step in operate and customers were forced adopting BAU processes where a full down proprietary technology routes. lifecycle management is maintained Only when the Wi-Fi alliance helped the IEEE to define standards for the wireless LAN industry did technology adoption rocket and today we have ubiquitous Wi-Fi everywhere. Long term this is exactly what in the data centre. Trackit has been auditing data centres for some of the world’s biggest financial and telecom providers over the past nine years. In our experience, the data centres, as this is always going to be a combination of technical solutions and manual processes with a solution in place to identify any potential faults/locations and A full data centre asset audit will focus on the collection of all devices in a data centre environment. needs to happen in the DCIM most optimised data centres and the manual intervention to rectify or sector. Key providers need to work successful DCIM implementations to override. An audit minimises the collectively, define the market, have been those that have been risk of breaches and outages in a collaborate on and adopt standards built upon a solid foundation of data centre and allows data centre as part of the DCIM solution (such asset knowledge, and a data centre managers to rapidly discover a point as ISO55000); working together asset audit is a core requirement of failure or security vulnerability. to educate customers on what can in achieving this. Our audit team As the DCIM solutions and related be a platform that drives significant routinely uncover 300 per cent more tools evolution continues along with operational benefit to data centre IT assets than data centre owners organisations’ ability to implement owners/operators. previously assumed they had and them, this process will become All too often there is a failure can provide customers with the more seamless – a necessity to scope out whether full DCIM is insight to reduce power usage by of the increasing sophistication actually required OR it’s implemented between 15 and 30 per cent. and complexity of data centre without a solid foundation in place. Many data centre owners requirements in the digital age. Both of which can only be achieved by having accurate and effective had been led to believe that data centre physical device audits are Effective asset management asset management and its importance no longer necessary with tools Gartner states that, ‘Enterprises that must be recognised. like real time monitoring, such as systematically manage the lifecycle Data centre asset audits network and temperature monitoring, and automatic discovery software of their IT assets will reduce cost per asset by as much as 30 per cent A data centre asset audit consists being available. However, it is now during the first year, and between of a physical site survey of all recognised that these types of five and 10 per cent annually during assets an organisation may own in solutions cannot be solely relied upon the next five years.’ This validates their data centre. This audit is the due to current technical constraints, that it’s more important than ever to first step to achieving full visibility and only work when built upon an have effective asset management of your data centre, empowering accurate inventory management software and processes to effectively you with the knowledge to drive foundation of asset knowledge. manage assets within a data centre. full data centre optimisation. A well This foundation will support the The physical auditing of IT assets performed accurate and physical current and future management of using a data centre asset audit is 29