DCN December 2016 - Page 49

final thought new, unused hardware sitting in storage, because there wasn’t an appropriate asset audit and management system in place. Preventative measures A sudden increase in data requirements does not need to spell disaster. Understanding your data centre environment is key to preventing data centre downtime. Tools and solutions are available to monitor and manage data environments in real time. This provides managers with insight into potential issues, such as overheating and leaks in cooling equipment. If the data centre estate is spread across multiple data centres and providers, using a distributed asset management system and cloud based software enables data centre managers to analyse facilities. This is especially beneficial for complex ecosystems and large global estates. The more accurate the insight, the better equipped data centre managers will be to deal with any outages that occur. Data centre dependency will only increase, so having the tools to weather the storm will ensure you can handle the next wave of traffic with ease. With data creation continuing to grow, the costs of outages will likely continue to increase. w o n k o t d e e N Available on the iPad and iPhone S ’ T A H W G N I N E P P HA + y? r t s u d in e r u t c u r rast f in k r o w t e n e h in t Available on Android THE UK’S NUMBER ONE NETWORK INFRASTRUCTURE MAGAZINE August 2016 THE UK’S NUMBER ONE NETWORK INFRASTRUCTURE MAGAZINE September 2016 NCN is published 12 times a year for professionals involved in the installation of network infrastructure products, covering da