DCN December 2016 - Page 44

products & innovations Hitachi data systems introduces new, enhanced flash storage line-up Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) has announced new systems and software, designed to deliver better customer experiences and return on investments. Powered by the next generation of Hitachi Storage Virtualisation Operating System (SVOS) the expanded Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) line-up delivers performance, resiliency and workload scalability. The new SVOS 7 has been engineered with selectable data services, which recognise the customers’ need to receive information in real time, whilst achieving maximum cost efficiency from their operations. For a consistent user experience, the SVOS features Quality of Service (QoS), and as data levels grow, data reduction services can be dedicated to workloads for more predictable response times. Cloud tiering for all-flash VSP F series is also available, transparently moving files to private or public cloud storage, reducing data centre footprint and enabling lower, more predictable storage costs for superior IT efficiency. SVOS 7 is available on all new and existing Virtual Storage Platform G series and F series systems. Existing customers can take advantage of SVOS 7 through a nondisruptive upgrade. For further information visit: www.HDS.com 44 Dynatrace launches enterprise ready digital performance monitoring solution for OpenStack Dynatrace has announced the first enterprise ready monitoring solution for OpenStack. Dynatrace will provide OpenStack users with the ability to confidently manage and control the performance of applications running in OpenStack environments. Until now, businesses have had no visibility into how OpenStack infrastructure is impacting on the performance of digital services. Dynatrace solves this by providing endto-end visibility into the service delivery chain, enabling IT teams to identify problems before they impact the user experience. As more businesses deploy OpenStack in production, the ability for them to quickly pinpoint performance issues will be essential. The Openstack market is expanding and Dynatrace is wholly supporting this change, making the transition to OpenStack smoother, quicker, and more transparent For further information visit: www.dynatrance.com INTEGRAL MEMORY AND NOVACHIPS DEVELOP NEW SOLID STATE DRIVES Integral Memory and Novachips have teamed up to develop their first co-produced product, the SVR-PRO SATA III SSD. The new breed of solid state drives (SSDs) use a unique storage control architecture, that meets the growing need for ‘upscale’ expansion among enterprise data centres and is designed to deliver increased capacity and performance. At the core of the product is a new daisy-ring architecture that releases the capacity restrictions of conventional parallel configurations. As each HyperLink NAND (HLNAND) Flash is connected directly to the next device in the loop, each unit of flash is driving a single load, allowing an unlimited number of devices per channel. The SVR-PRO SATA SSD 100SRI and 200SMW models offer up to 8TB of data storage. The 100 SRI series is geared for performance hungry applications, featuring a good balance of low latency and read and write IOPs, ideal for video on demand, streaming, web server and file servers. The 200SMW model has endurance in mind, delivering 11,680 TBW, ideal for servers that constantly perform mixed workload tasks. For further information visit: www.integralmemory.com