DCN December 2016 - Page 43

products & innovations Nexsan enhances Unity with mobile and web access, putting data where you work DOME CLOSURE WITH NEW SEAL FOR FIBRE OPTIC NETWORKS R&M has developed a new outdoor solution for fibre optic networks. The Syno dome closure is revolutionising the assembly process. A modular system for cable entries eliminates the task of threading fibre optic cables through the closure base. This product from R&M eliminates time consuming sealing using shrink tubes. Instead, integrated blocks made from the company’s own Syno gel seal the splice closure. R&M supplies seven cable entry kits for one to 16 cables, optimised for all typical cable diameters. Cables up to 28mm and micro ducts up to 14mm in diameter fit in the kits, making the dome closure suited to virtually any application. The cable entry kits are interchangeable and will also support mixed assemblies of cables and micro ducts, allowing network operators to make more tailored plans at shorter notice. For further information visit: www.rdm.com Damovo launches cloud aggregation platform Aquila Damovo has announced the launch of Aquila, a new cloud aggregation platform, bringing Damovo’s portfolio to the cloud, addressing the needs of enterprises looking for customisable, secure and reliable cloud solutions that provide increased agility and the utilisation of existing assets. Damovo Aquila employs a customer centric modual approach, enterprising an extensive cloud portfolio which can be deployed as a tailored solution, depending on the individual needs of each customer.  The platform is supported from three multi-lingual Network Operations Centres across Europe that provide 24x7x365 support. The Aquila service layer is designed specifically to meet the needs of enterprise customers - delivering exceptionally fast 30 minute SLAs for high priority issues, reducing risk, creating transparency and ensuring business continuity. With this new modular app roach, barriers to the cloud have been lowered, making it easier for those who wish to move to the cloud and benefit from the advantages it has to offer. At the same time, enterprises will retain the freedom of choice and control they need. For further information visit: http://dialog.damovo.de/aquila_en Nexsan has announced enhancements to its Unity hyperunified storage platform, enabling users to access and share corporate data securely while on the go. Unity is the first to deliver mobile Apps for iOS and Android, as well as web Apps for laptops and desktops, ensuring users can access and share data conveniently, while still benefiting from Unity’s performance, scalability, and security. Using the new Unity mobile and web Apps users can quickly create and send secure links via email to files stored on Unity, eliminating the need to send large email files and provides access to information from anywhere. Using a private cloud infrastructure, the Apps insure both privacy and security, using Active Directory permissions and credentials, while delivering seamless access without a VPN. Unity provides businesses with an enterprise storage platform allowing the business as a whole to benefit from secure file sync and share capabilities, empowering work force productivity. For further information visit: www.nexsan.com/enterprisefile-sync-share/ 43