DCN December 2016 - Page 42

products & innovations Acronis adds Acronis Notary with blockchain and Acronis CloudRAID to software defined storage Acronis has announced the release of Acronis Storage, a software defined storage product with blockchain based data authentication and universal file, block and object support. In an increasingly digital world, the pressure is on service providers, who find themselves responsible for the integrity, safety and authenticity of customers’ data stored on their servers. Acronis Storage addresses these issues by providing a fast, safe, software defined storage solution with Acronis CloudRAID and Acronis Notary. Acronis Storage also provides a universal solution for both hot and cold data storage needs and currently supports block and object data and will support files in the next update. Efficiency is also a key feature giving service providers the ability to control the TCO of their storage infrastructure and increase storage capacity from GB to PB without hurting the budget. Acronis Storage is suitable for all service providers, business and organisations who have the need to manage their data storage capacity without any downtime. With an installation time of five minutes and 14 clicks to configure, it can be installed and managed even by those without any system administration experience.  For further information visit: www.acronis.com Cavium QLogic adds PowerShell integrated management solution for FastLinQ Ethernet adaptors Cavium has announced the addition of a highly scalable, PowerShell integrated management solution to its existing offering of FastLinQ Ethernet adaptors. The QLogic ConvergeConsole (QCC) PowerKit seamlessly integrates with Microsoft PowerShell to deliver an integrated, scriptable and scalable solution for deploying and managing QLogic FastLinQ series of 10/25/40/50/100GbE NICs across heterogeneous platforms. Highly flexible, QLogic FastLinQ Ethernet based technology delivers a broad set of capabilities customised to address the needs of the telco, enterprise, managed service provider (MSP), cloud and storage markets. The ability to streamline their administration through centralised cross-platform and cross-protocol capabilities enhances network availability and reduces management costs. Featuring comprehensive management capabilities, the QCC PowerKit provides IT administrators the ability to manage all the advanced features of the QLogic FastLinQ Ethernet portfolio, enabling them to enhance overall performance and troubleshooting with robust diagnostic capabilities. Scalable, scriptable and remote management allows the PowerKit to automate key management tasks, increasing management efficiency and reducing overall TCO. For further information visit: www.qlogic.com SOL DISTRIBUTION JOINS ALCATEL-LUCENT ENTERPRISE PARTNER PROGRAMME TO DELIVER DATA CENTRE AND CORE SWITCHING SOLUTIONS  Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise (ALE) has announced a new partnership with Sol Distribution, which will provide new resellers and systems integrators with ALE solutions, focusing on innovative, low-latency, high performance data centre and core switching hardware. The company joins Arrow and Nuvola as part of the ALE distribution network, enabling a growing number of resellers to deliver advanced networks, CPE based and hybrid cloud communications solutions to all customers. The ALE portfolio includes a full suite of products that deliver automation, flexibility, analytics, and intelligence into data centre and core infrastructure architectures. Embedded in the ALE networking technology is full application awareness, quality of service and integrated analytics. These features enable both automated adjustment for application flows and full application analytics within the data centre and across the network to help in the delivery of high quality applications to the end users. The new Sol Distribution agreement will enable more resellers to leverage the unique advantages of this technology to simplify the deployment and administration of the data centre and core infrastructure networks. For further information visit: www.sol-distribution.co.uk 42