DCN December 2016 - Page 39

projects & agreements ColocationGuard collaborates with Epsilon for on demand direct cloud connectivity, interconnection and intelligent networks Epsilon has been selected by ColocationGuard Enterprise Solutions, LLC (ColoGuard), to deliver on demand Cloud access to local, regional and global connectivity. ColoGuard will offer its tenants the ability to connect directly to world leading cloud service providers and other United States, European and Asia Pacific locations utilising Epsilon’s connectivity platform. ColocationGuard will leverage Epsilon’s Cloud Link Exchange (CloudLX), global interconnection services and intelligent networks as part of the partnership, giving its customers instant access to global infrastructure from a single provider and enabling them to rapidly deploy services in both the US and around the world. Epsilon has installed full network access at ColoGuard’s facilities, providing its tenants with real-time access to Epsilon’s global on net and off net Points of Presence, including multiple sites across the New York metro area. Customers will benefit from robust connectivity that can scale and grow with their businesses, while the partnership enables ColoGuard to build its brand and offer its customers immediate access to global networking For further information visit: www.epsilontel.com HUAWEI AND ADMA-OPCO COMPLETE JOINT LAUNCH OF A CLOUD READY DATA CENTRE Huawei and the Abu Dhabi Marine Operating Company (ADMA-OPCO), have jointly announced that ADMA-OPCO’s Cloud Ready Data Center is now fully operational. The data centre is expected to help ADMA-OPCO address the needs of long distance transmission and processing of a massive volume of data during offshore oil exploration and production. It will also enhance the security of critical business data and applications for ADMA-OPCO. The data centre features centralised IT resources, as well as collaborative management of blade servers and storage and network equipment. As a security mechanism, geographic disaster redundancy between two sites 200km apart has been implemented to ensure zero loss of key data. Seamless integration with ADMA-OPCO’s existing infrastructure, maximises IT operation efficiency, optimises IT resource management, and boosts IT resource utilisation. As a result, a 30 per cent drop in the operation and maintenance (O&M) costs of the data center is expected. Fortinet establishes new European cloud data centre Fortinet has announced the opening of its new FortiCloud European data centre based in Germany. Fortinet’s new cloud data centre enables European customers to leverage a broad and mature portfolio of hosted cybersecurity services with the confidence that their private data remains within European borders. Fortinet’s European cloud data centre addresses privacy concerns and reduces compliance burdens, enabling enterprises in the EU to adopt cloud based security solutions and realise the superior protections of the Fortinet Security Fabric. The European cloud data centre further extends regional support for Fortinet’s extensive security solutions with higher performance, scalability, flexibility and simplicity. This new data centre gives European customers the ability to implement the advanced protections of the Fortinet Security Fabric with the flexibility to select the deployment models that best fit business goals. IT teams can realise the operational efficiencies of cloud services and leverage Fortinet’s FortiCloud and FortiSandbox Cloud SaaS offerings with the assurance that their private data never leaves the region. For further information visit: www.fortinet.com For further information visit: www.huawei.com 39