DCN December 2016 - Page 37

projects & agreements Scolmore provides vital data communications solution When it comes to safeguarding clients’ data, ADP uses the very latest tools, tactics, techniques and procedures, and has turned to Scolmore to provide the solution to some of the security requirements at its data centres in Europe. Scolmore’s innovative IEC Lock connectors are being used to secure the connection between the Power Distribution Unit (PDU), the servers and other IT equipment, which are housed on the racks in the datacentres – providing a critical power chain. IEC Lock is a patented range of unique C13 and C19 connectors and outlets and provides an inexpensive solution to the prevention of accidental disconnection of a critical power supply. As well as data communications, IECLock provides ideal protection for a variety of applications, including medical and military environments, outside broadcasting, maritime and leisure. For further information visit: www.ieclock.co.uk MAINONE CHOOSES MINKELS TO ENHANCE POSITION IN WEST AFRICAN DATA CENTRE MARKET Minkels has been chosen as data centre supplier for West African connectivity and data centre solutions company, MainOne, who blazed a trail in Africa with its undersea fibre optic cable, connecting West Africa to Europe and the construction of West Africa’s largest commercial Tier 3+ data centre, MDXi. MainOne conducted a global search for a more flexible Cold Aisle Containment System (CAC) to accommodate the various needs of their global customers with racks of varying widths and heights. After considering manufacturing from China, a global evaluation followed. All top industry players, custom CAC vendors and local manufacturers were evaluated to provide racks, Cold Aisle Containment, PDUs and accessories for customers. Minkels met the requirement to provide a Cold Aisle Containment solution: Flexible concerning rack width and height, able to accommodate a free standing 47U solution, and lend itself to caging. Given the success of this first-of-its-kind custom CAC deployment, Minkels are partaking in early discussions to explore the possibility to partner in the further deployment of Minkels solutions across MainOne’s MDXi data centres. For further information visit: www.mainone.net