DCN December 2016 - Page 33

cooling in the capacity to lower the indoor temperature, ensuring that at peak operating periods, additional cooling power is available. Furthermore, when compared to a traditional matching unit installation, the two-step designed system presents up to 18 per cent savings on running costs, a significant saving, considering a 24 hour, seven day week operating period. Utilising cool outdoor air during winter periods, free cooling saves energy by allowing refrigerant based cooling components to be shut off or operate at a reduced capacity, decreasing energy consumption and costs. environments and, as such, the reliability and lifespan of an installed system needs to be kept in mind. To ensure each unit’s lifespan is prolonged for as long as possible a standby control can allow each unit to periodically go into standby mode and another unit to take over, prolonging the life of each unit. Furthermore, in the occurrence of a unit failing, a back up operation mode means that another unit will automatically take over operation to maintain the distinctive climate. Alongside ensuring there is sufficient system capacity, an important aspect to consider when seeking an infrastructure cooling solution is the floor space the system will consume, as this can reduce the level of server and computer equipment the room can accommodate. Standby control A constant operation is of paramount importance for infrastructure cooling Infrastructure cooling systems are required to meet a strict set of climatic conditions, 24 hours a day, seven days a week to ensure Understanding and maintaining the specific climatic requirements of a server room or telecom shelter is essential. that system downtime is kept to a minimum. By seeking expert advice and bespoke asymmetrical system solutions, a reliable, cost effective, continuous operation can be achieved. Web Shop: www.pennelcomonline.com Web Catalogue: www.penn-elcom.com EM - Server Racks Series With their solid high end construction, the EM Rack Servers Series are a high quality solution for all of your IT and audio/visual requirements at an affordable cost. + Vented Design Threaded Rack Rails Removable Adjustable Mounting Depth Side Panels Available Available From 22U to 47U 600mm, 800mm & 1000mm U Sizes 1U Panel Knockouts Castors and Feet Included Depths Comes with tempered glass or vented steel front door onlineuk@penn-elcom.com 01424 429 641 UK MADE