DCN December 2016 - Page 30

2017 predictions LOOK TO THE FUTURE NOW… As 2016 draws to a close, DCN calls on some of the industry’s leading experts to look at the big trends they expect to see in 2017. 30 Michael Hack SVP of EMEA operations Ipswitch Chris Spain VP of cloud solutions Cradlepoint As we head into 2017, the adoption rate of Intelligent Systems (machines with decision making and learning capabilities) will continue to increase. With it will come a raft of new complex challenges. At the top of the list will be how to deal with busier and more difficult to monitor network infrastructures, and the added layer of complexity introduced by official and unsanctioned intelligent systems that are present on corporate networks. Intelligent Systems, however, can be part of the solution too. Indeed, research commissioned by Ipswitch shows that at the close of this year, almost nine out of 10 IT professionals have already invested in one or more intelligent systems to help them get a grip on increasingly difficult to manage corporate networks. But it’s not just officially sanctioned Intelligent Systems that will continue gaining prominence on corporate networks ^YX\\YXX[[[Y[H RJBXH\[H\\]H[\[XYBܛ[\[ݙ\HXK\X]8&\›\\[YH] Xܙ[\\X\ ݙ\YH]X\\ \[ HوUٙ\[ۘ[\HY[Y]B[[\[X]و[[Y[\[\¸$X\Y\[XۈZ\\[H[X]]Hۈܜܘ]H]ܚˈ\\[ܙKݙ\[ M\[ H^HZ\\[[[\\[\X[\][ۈ\X[]Y\[YHY\\]HY\X\و[[Y[\[\ˈ\œ]X][ۈ\ۛHZ[HXYH[ܙHۛ[Y[ M[HX[H[]\8&H\HقHXX[\&KHYH\XH]ܚ SH\Hۛ]\™XY HZ[H]]H]ܚX][YXH]H[HۛH\HXZܚ]B\XHH[\]HSYYۛX[KX\[[[\[[^\[\X][ۜˈ܈[[K[ؚ[HX[\Bܚ\[\\ۙ\YYZ\\]Z\Y[ [Yܛ\][Y\\[ZX\HX\[BۛXY[X[YY[^H\Hܚ[[HY[ \\[XHYHY[H[Y]H][ MH[YHٝ\BY[Y]ܚ[[HYHHܙK]\[ܙB[\KY[H[^XK[]Y\]H]X\[Y][ۘ[S[\]]\˂[[H\XH\X܂^YܙY\ܛ\Xܙ[HܛY][ܛX[ܙ[\][ۋؘ[[\\]\\[ M\H]HHY\]\ۈXܙ ]\[Z[[\H[ݙH[ MH]HY[[[˜X]H[\HYXY[Hو\ۈ\[\