DCN December 2016 - Page 27

modular systems colocated hybrid cloud – where businesses place their infrastructure right next to the access points to the major cloud providers – colocation facilities could seamlessly expand to support even larger communities of interest, empowering customers with a flexible hybrid IT environment fit for the long term. Surfing the next wave of innovation Today, the ability to drive innovation is being accelerated by new additions to the modular data centre design stable – from prefabricated equipment that can be rapidly installed on site, to containerised data centres ‘in a box’, offering stand alone power, cooling, connectivity and security at the flick of a switch, anywhere anytime. Meanwhile, new trends like the Internet of Things (IoT), cyber physical systems and quantum computing prove that data centre capacity requirements will continue to increase, with no end in sight. No one can predict where the future will ultimately take us. However, one thing is certain: Any turnkey data centre will rapidly become obsolete. Turnkey deployments leave organisations less able to innovate or make new choices, hamstrung by huge capital investments in overengineered systems and under the burden of a greater total cost of ownership. Trying to design and provision for an uncertain future is a costly exercise at best. Conversely, the ability to innovate quickly, while controlling spending, is becoming crucial to success. The cloud is making every CIO rethink their approach to IT infrastructure. forced to take set paths in their IT evolution, or solve challenges in the same way. Instead, the best ideas can win. Isn’t that what true innovation is all about? E U ISS XT NE STORAGE, SERVERS & HARDWARE A truly modular, flexible and adjustable approach to data centre design doesn’t just keep pace with change, it empowers it. With just-intime capacity, organisations aren’t As well as its regular range of features and news items, the January issue of Data Centre News will contain a major feature on storage, servers & hardware. To make sure you don’t miss the opportunity to advertise your products to this exclusive readership, call Francesca on 01634 673163 or email francesca@allthingsmedialtd.com data centre news