DCN December 2016 - Page 11

advertorial Floor Standing Data Cabinets: Highlights Loading Capacity: Up to 800kg Flat Pack: Available upon request subject to additional delivery costs. Doors: Toughened glass doors supplied as standard. Vented doors are available for some of the range. Please call us to confirm if we supply vented doors for your choice of floor cabinet. Cable Management: Vertical cable management is provided as standard for all 800mm wide racks. All-Rack Floor Standing Data Cabinets Delving into the product range a little deeper, All-Rack Floor standing data cabinets are described as super secure, high quality and cost effective options for the 19in rack sector. The doors and side panels are all lockable and removable, thus providing all round access to the entire rack. The mounting profiles are numbered with the ‘U’ size and are fully adjustable. For further convenience, cable entry is provided from both top and bottom depending on the cable work. All of the floor rack range are supplied fully assembled as standard, so less fuss on site, however, if installers want or need to built themselves for any reason, flat pack racks are available at additional delivery costs. Installers can confirm which they prefer for each order placed. All floor cabinets come in a black finish. be a strong choice for all rack mountable equipment when space, room layout or system desing require this approach. This line is available in three depths, 450mm, 550mm and 600mm and are well suited for small network installations where floor space doesn’t allow for a floor standing server cabinet. All-Rack underlines these options are particularly well-suited for a single person installation with easy mounting brackets. All All-Rack wall cabinets have removable and lockable side panels for easy access and security. The 450mm deep racks are available in assembled form, whereas the 550mm and the 600mm are also available in flat pack form if the project requires it. The wall mounted options come in black and grey finishes. Wall Mounted Data Cabinets: Highlights Loading capacity: 40kg Doors: 180 degrees opening angle and can be mounted on left or right hand side with simple spring latch. Security: Lockable doors and side panels. Ventilation: Optional fans can be fitted if required. All-Rack Wall Mounted Data Cabinets All-Rack wall mounted racks and cabinets are designed to More Information: All-Rack www.allrack.co.uk/sales@attock.co.uk @Attock networks @all_rack Attock Network Products Ltd 11