DCN August 2017 - Page 50

Products & innovations Puppet Expands Offerings With New Container and Cloud Native Technology Puppet has announced Lumogon and Puppet Cloud Discovery. The new offerings empower enterprise IT professionals with the situational awareness and visibility needed to securely and scalably run cloud infrastructure and container based applications in production, across all public, private and hybrid cloud environments. These new innovations mark a major milestone for Puppet as the company expands its enterprise offerings beyond Puppet Enterprise, enabling companies to overcome challenges associated with modernising infrastructure and application stacks. Discoveries provided by Lumogon and Puppet Cloud Discovery break open the black box of container and cloud workloads, giving enterprise IT teams insights and visibility into the services running across containerised applications and cloud infrastructure. These advancements show them exactly what they have running, and where, so they can ensure consistency and compliance as they modernise their environments. For further information visit: www.puppet.com Cisco delivers powerful 5th generation servers for its Unified Computing System Cisco has announced a new generation of servers and software that extend its unique, unified approach to computing. The Cisco Unified Computing System (Cisco UCS) M5 generation builds on the company’s vision to deliver pervasive simplicity, uncompromised application performance and a strategic, future-proof architecture for IT. IT leaders are realising that a system-level approach that helps scale and accelerate operational capabilities is essential to future success, and a ‘more of the same’ approach is no longer sustainable. The Cisco UCS M5 lineup delivers new systems and software that extend the power and simplicity of unified computing for data-intensive workloads, applications at the edge, and the next generation of distributed application architectures. Cisco takes a unique approach to computing and continues to build on the architectural foundations, partnerships and rapid customer adoption of Cisco UCS to offer a more effective operating model for the data centre. Cisco UCS customers have gained value from this total system design: Reducing administration and management costs by up to 63 per cent and accelerating the delivery of new application services by up to 83 per cent. For further information visit: www.cisco.com 50 | August 2017 Products & innovations Cloudian, Komprise Offer Cure for Common Cold Storage Problem Cloudian and Komprise have announced a joint solution that enables customers to move dormant or infrequently used data to an on-premises active archive and reclaim more than half of their Tier 1 Network Attached Storage (NAS) capacity. According to Jon Toor, Cloudian’s chief marketing officer, organisations have to contend with cold or infrequently accessed data, that can occupy more than 60 per cent of their most costly NAS resources. The Cloudian/Komprise solution enables customers to move cold data to an onsite active archive to be transparently accessed when needed, with zero impact to the user experience. The solution is ideal for enterprise customers and service providers who have large amounts of file based data and need a solution that can reduce storage costs. Cloudian provides high availability, enterprise- class storage at 70 per cent less than the costs of traditional NAS solutions. Additionally, data migrated to Cloudian no longer consumes backup license costs, reducing overall backup cost by as much as 60 per cent. For further information visit: www.cloudian.com and www.komprise.com August 2017 | 50