DCN August 2017 - Page 49

Products & innovations Rittal and Siemens Transmission of Data into the Cloud Rittal’s new Blue e+ cooling units and chillers consume an average of 70 per cent less power than their conventional counterparts. Specifically, they can transmit key data to a smartphone quickly and simply via a NFC (near field communication) connection. The RiDiag III parameterisation and diagnostics software uses a USB interface or a network to support efficient system operation, deliver rapid support for maintenance and repairs, and in-depth diagnostics. Rittal’s coolers and chillers interact seamlessly with Siemens MindSphere. This cloud based, open Internet of Things (IoT) operating system enables customers to develop their own Industry 4.0 applications. The platform is scalable, and can capture and analyse huge volumes of data. In addition, it harnesses analytics to predict when repairs and maintenance are required. This cuts costs and raises system uptime, compared to scheduled works conducted at predefined intervals. The system calculates the fastest way to complete these tasks, which can be particularly advantageous at facilities with a large number of machines. Plus, because up-to-the-minute data on each unit is available on the IoT platform, service engineers know what replacement parts they will require for the job in hand, eliminating the need for multiple trips. For further information visit: www.rittal.co.uk Huawei to Expand Its Server Product Portfolio to Deliver Hybrid Cloud Solution for Microsoft Azure Stack Huawei has announced plans to expand its server product portfolio to deliver a Hybrid Cloud solution for Microsoft Azure Stack, a hybrid cloud powered by Huawei servers and switches. The jointly engineered solution will enable enterprises and service providers to deploy Azure services on-premises with seamless consistency with Azure, allowing enterprises to X[\]HZ\Y][[ٛܛX][ۈ[YHXYY]ܛH]ۙY[KH][ۋ\YۈX]Zx&\›]\ Y[\][ۈ\[۔\\[Y[[H]\ٙ\Z[ Z[[Yܘ][ۈ]Y[X]Zx&\TYX[Y[Y[ٝ\H[^\HX[X[\Y\[\[Y[ ͌0X[Y[Y[ۈ\\H]X\˂^\HX\[^[[ۈو^\KݚY[H[YH\X][ۈ[[ [\\XHܝ[ [T\ˈ\[X\H[\\][ۈو\X][ۜXܛšXYY[\ۛY[[[[™^X[]H[۝ H][ۈ[\\H[YB\]X\H[\\[\XH\^\K[[\\X[[\H\KX[YH[ZYܘ]H\X][ۜ˜XܛYˈ\H\[ [\\\˜[[ٛܛHZ\\[\\Y]]X]YU\X\XZ[Z[ܚ]X[]Hۋ\[Z\K[\H]\X\˜[Y []]H\X][ۜ\\]]\˂܈\\[ܛX][ۈ\]˚X]ZKB]Y\ M