DCN August 2017 - Page 36

big data Big Data, Big Responsibility Stewart Langdown MSLL, business director at Mackwell, discusses the challenges we face with Big Data and the opportunities that lie ahead. S ince the launch of the world wide web to the wider public on 6th August 1991 we started on a journey of creating the first online storage of data; albeit this data was a few bytes stored on a PC somewhere on a remote server. Computers of course have been with us for many years, with the first commercial computers being available in the 1950’s, so we have been digitising data for over 60 years. 36 | August 2017 However, it’s the online storage and presence that I want to discuss and how we can relate this to the real world so far as buildings are concerned. I’m not interested in the Peta bytes of data uploaded to Facebook and YouTube each day, but the useful data that tells us how much energy we are using, how the space is being used and, of interest to Mackwell, whether your emergency lighting is safe and compliant. Data is responsibility Data is information and information can be useful, but let’s not kid ourselves, data for data’s sake achieves nothing if you’re not going to act on that information. An alarm is triggered and a fault found. How is this fault reviewed? What procedures do you have in place to address that challenge and how do you provide an audit trail to confirm you’ve acted? Data, means that if you record it then