DCN August 2017 - Page 33

cloud migration ready, set, go Colin Pittham, VP of EMEA at ExtraHop, discusses the importance of cloud migration readiness and why organisations should not fear the move. M ultiple surveys over the last few years have shown that organisations are moving from private data centres into the cloud at a rapid pace. Off-premise data centres and hybrid solutions have become increasingly compelling options that potentially offer increased efficiency, resiliency and agility, but also a means to reduce associated costs. Data centre migration in the world of cloud-hosting and hybrid infrastructure can be daunting. Organisations are often afraid to take the leap to data centre migration, and rightly so. A poorly executed migration could have disastrous consequences, including loss of internal access to data, disruption to daily operations, loss of carefully accumulated data, customer confidence and brand damage. With so many dependencies and potential complications, August 2017 | 33