DCN August 2017 - Page 18

Cooling Chim Chiminey As with anything, evaluation and subsequent changes can greatly increase performance. Jeff Underwood, product manager for Geist DCIM, discusses this in relation to chimney airflow management within the data centre. E arly this year, I started training for my first marathon. My primary motivator was to, as cliché as it may sound, become a better version of myself – and I was also training with my wife, so I couldn’t let her have all the fun without me. My initial goal was to complete the marathon in 18 | August 2017 under four hours. My final goal was just to simply survive. Since I was training in Fort Collins, Colorado with an altitude of nearly a mile high above sea level, I naturally selected a marathon race that took place at sea level—because, who doesn’t like a competitive edge? Throughout my training, I was continually faced with the reality that small, incremental improvements and technique changes made a difference in my performance. From diet changes, to small sleep adjustments, to increasing my pace just a fraction all made an impact on my bottom line as a runner.