DCN August 2016 - Page 5

UK’S FASTEST GROWING DATA CENTRE PROVIDER VIRTUS Data Centres, the UK’s fastest growing data centre provider, owns, designs, builds and operates the country’s most efficient and flexible data centres. VIRTUS leads the industry with award winning innovation in hyper efficient, ultra-high density and highly interconnected facilities. VIRTUS has built a unique technology platform for cloud adoption consisting of a highly efficient and scalable [\X\K[Z]\ۛX]]H[][X\[\[\HH\X[\ۛY[܈[HY][ۈ8$]\]HHXX]]H܈XYY ]Y[[][H][ۜ\[ۙ۸&\Y]TTٙ\\Y\[\]Y[H^XK\Y\Y[H][ۜ˂܈[ܙH[ܛX][ۈX\HΈ˝\\]X[\˘B