DCN August 2016 - Page 49

products & innovations NEW COOLING SOLUTION FROM SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC Schneider Electric has introduced the second generation of the InRow DX (direct expansion) 600mm as the latest addition to the InRow product line, expanding Schneider Electric’s vast cooling portfolio to meet the evolving cooling needs of an ever changing data centre environment. Providing the high density cooling data centre managers need to maintain critical facility temperatures, the InRow DX features lowered energy costs, enhanced controls, and a new user interface. This second generation release significantly improves cooling efficiency by reducing power consumption while also increasing capacity. Capable of high density cooling up to 42kW with a 4,000 SCFM max airflow in a small 600mm-wide footprint, Schneider Electric’s InRow DX solution can cut energy consumption by 50 per cent over first generation technology. This savings is enabled by the use of new brushless variable speed scroll compressors and EC fans. The InRow DX design closely couples cooling with the IT heat load, preventing hot air recirculation, while improving cooling predictability and allowing for a pay as you grow environment. Available in self-contained, fluid cooled and air cooled configurations with or without humidity control, these products meet the diverse requirements for closet, server room, and data centre cooling. For further information visit: www.schneider-electric.com NGD teams up with Procurri to deliver IBM cloud hosting   Next Generation Data (NGD) and its latest channel partner Procurri UK have announced a scalable range of data centre-as-a-service (DCaaS) platforms for securely hosting IBM i/OS cloud environments. Delivered from NGD’s Tier3+ data centre facility the DCaaS solutions will provide system integrators and enterprise user organisations with a flexible, low risk approach to launching new and migrating existing IBM i/OS applications into the cloud. Customers can take advantage of ready-to-run DCaaS hosting platforms comprising dedicated rack servers with various disk, I/O and back up configurations, power supply, cooling infrastructure and a wide range of high speed network connectivity options. Also included is the core application stack and coverage for IBM V5R4, V6R1, V7R1/R2 operating systems.    In addition to providing the 24x7 monitored cloud hosting service, Procurri will also be able to offer customers expertise in IBM i/OS software development and legacy O/S upgrade services.      For further information visit: www.ngd.co.uk New internal evaporative coolers from EcoCooling EcoCooling has developed a new range of internal evaporative coolers for data centres which provide a coefficient of performance of 60 and PUEs of under 1.2. These have been designed for data centres that cannot or do now want to have plant and equipment on the outside of their building. Those likely to benefit most from the new ECT units are existing data centres. Many existing data centres have poor layouts. A conventional DX CRAC in these situations becomes a very expensive fan with very poorly utilised cooling. However, both the internal and external EcoCooling units are designed primarily as a ventilation system to accommodate these compromised layouts providing efficient airflow solutions by using carefully selected electrically commutated (EC) fans. The EcoCooling system also retains or actually improves efficiency when old equipment is updated or data centres reconfigured into hot or cold aisle containment. This is because an EC fan becomes more efficient at slower speeds. When airflow bypass is reduced then the fans can run slower with higher efficiency. Reducing the fan speed by 20 per cent reduces fan energy by 50 per cent. For further information visit: www.ecocooling.org 49