DCN August 2016 - Page 46

products & innovations IPSWITCH WHATSUP GOLD 2017 REIMAGINES IT AND NETWORK MONITORING Ipswitch has announced the launch of Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold 2017. WhatsUp Gold 2017 reimagines how IT teams discover, visualise, troubleshoot and monitor networks, servers, virtual machines and applications. WhatsUp Gold 2017 with TotalView enables IT teams to monitor everything with one cost effective license. Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold 2017 helps IT teams control the increasing complexity of today’s hybrid environment with a single flexible software solution that provides a comprehensive and interactive view of the entire network and introduces a faster, simpler and more intuitive user experience (UX) that puts users in control. WhatsUp Gold 2017 provides immediate value by automatically discovering your end-to-end IT environment and features a unique and interactive network map that quickly shows the status of every device and interconnection. The visualisation can be dynamically filtered to gain real time insight into physical, virtual and wireless networks as well as their dependencies. The innovative network mapping technology gives users the flexibility to filter and optimise views of their networks. It starts with advanced discovery capabilities that automatically identify everything connected to the network and automatically apply device roles and monitors to dramatically accelerate the monitoring setup. This dynamic mapping capability supports both physical and virtual devices including VMware and Hyper-V. For further information visit: www.ipswitch.com New systems management enhances performance of Dell PowerEdge FX2 blade servers Dell has announced updates to the systems management portfolio for the Dell PowerEdge FX2 modular infrastructure to help customers further maximise IT productivity and business continuity. The new features enhance provisioning and infrastructure visibility, plus add support for Nagios users and open source applications. Dell has enhanced its systems management software to take advantage of the unique engineering of the Dell PowerEdge FX2 and is designed to simplify and automate critical hardware management tasks. New capabilities and updates enhance the user experience with improved ease of provisioning for virtualised workloads, plug-ins for Nagios users, and comprehensive infrastructure visibility and flexibility to run open source applications. Dell OpenManage Essentials 2.2 enables fast provisioning of I/O aggregators with template based processes that easily and uniformly replicate the assignment of vLANs during the blade port mapping process, which ensures simplicity and accuracy in network setup. The new geographic view feature enables quick, easy location access to PowerEdge FX2 systems on site or across the globe with manageability across 5,500 devices. Additionally, seamless integration with SupportAssist provides proactive, predictive support and automated case creation to resolve hardware issues up to 90 per cent faster with ProSupport Plus. For further information visit: www.dell.co.uk