DCN August 2016 - Page 45

products & innovations StorMagic launches SvSAN 6 StorMagic has announced the launch of SvSAN 6. With the launch of Version 6 StorMagic will, for the first time, offer SvSAN in a Standard and Advanced edition. Both will be available globally now that StorMagic is a Preferred Solution Partner within the Cisco Solutions Partner Program and via the company’s OEM agreement with Cisco. SvSAN 6 enables large organisations with remote or branch offices, or smaller businesses with more modest IT infrastructure and budget to take advantage of advanced storage caching features that enable the perfect balance of flexibility, efficiency and performance, while also future proofing their IT infrastructure: Automatically leveraging the internal memory, SSD and SATA/SAS storage tiers of two industry standard servers, SvSAN 6 presents a virtual SAN to the hypervisor providing major gains in performance and a reduction in power consumption. This level of performance is critical for IT managers that deploy centralised IT strategies who, according to independent research commissioned by StorMagic and conducted by Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), are still hampered by slow file transfer speeds and poor application performance at remote locations.  For further information visit: www.stormagic.com WAVE2WAVE BUILDS MXC CONNECTOR TECHNOLOGY INTO EVO AND EXO PLATFORMS Wave2Wave Solution has announced the integration of MXC connectors into its Evo and Exo platforms. This product integration extends optical backplane technology into structured cabling with expanded and collimated laser beams through the lensed MXC connector technology. Wave2Wave’s versatile, cost effective, next generation MXC connector family is optimised for direct interface to equipment densely populated with mid-board mounted, multimode or singlemode optical modules. Wave2Wave’s unique plug and receptacle design provides increased density with fewer components. It supports fibre rows of up to 16 fibres, and up to four rows of fibres for fibre lane counts as high as 64. Wave2Wave’s Evo panel family provides high levels of scalability and density, supporting a wide variety of applications and fibre connectivity in telecoms and the data centre. Evo offers 3,840 fibre connections in its 1U chassis and 10,000+ in its 2U. For further information visit: www.wave-2-wave.com Web Shop: www.pennelcomonline.com Web Catalogue: www.penn-elcom.com EM - Server Racks Series With their solid high end construction, the EM Rack Servers Series are a high quality solution for all و[\U[]Y[ݚ\X[\]Z\[Y[][YܙXH •[Y\YۂXYYXZ[‚[[ݘXBY\XB[[[\YH[[]Z[XB]Z[XBH B B   L H^\‚UH[[ۛ]‚\ܜ[Y][YY\‚Y\][\\Y\܈[YY[۝܂ۛ[]Z[Y[KB M  H BRPQB