DCN August 2016 - Page 42

projects & agreements Eaton equips Webaxys data centre in France with energy storage Eaton’s energy storage technologies, developed in collaboration with car manufacturer Nissan, have been implemented in Webaxys’ newly launched data centre in Saint-Romain de Colbosc near Le Havre, France. Webaxys – a host and telecoms operator, has always pursued an innovation strategy based on strong values of social commitment and respect for the environment ever since it was established in Normandy, France back in 2003. This is the first time that the technology being implemented at Webaxys has ever been used at a computer production site to comprehensively manage the power grid, renewable energy contributions and battery storage, by optimising their use and ensuring maximum operating quality. The new Webaxys data centre incorporates solar power and an optimised air-to-air cooling system. All the infrastructure equipment for the data centre has been supplied by Eaton. Enhanced by these new smart storage features, Eaton’s product portfolio can now meet all the energy management needs of a data centre, with uninterruptible power supplies, surge protectors, electric power distribution products, energy management software, communication interfaces, computer rack solutions and solutions for the management of airflow, lighting, security systems and associated customer services. 42 CPI’S NEW CUSTOMER PLATFORM MAKES THE MOVE TO INTEROUTE’S NETWORKED CLOUD CPI, a major European book printing specialist, has chosen to host its customer platform, (called Highway) in Interoute’s cloud. It will also switch the wide area network that supports the Highway platform to Interoute’s pan-European network. CPI Books has 20 locations across Europe, with 17 factories across seven European countries, five of which are located in the UK. Following successive acquisitions, CPI wanted to unify its information systems and enable seamless communication between its 17 plants, to enable better management of print demand and production capacity. Highway’s interface was created to connect the production system (ERP) for each plant. To host this portal and link the sites together, CPI needed a European operator that could to take care of all its requirements through one integrated infrastructure, giving enhanced service and lowering the burden of supplier management. Interoute provides hosting services in its Paris data centre, close to the headquarters of CPI, and has a back up solution in London, where most of the IT team of the printing group is based. The entire Highway client platform has been migrated onto Interoute’s cloud infrastructure resulting in a substantially faster user experience for those accessing the ordering system. Hurricane Electric marks first expansion into Africa Hurricane Electric has continued its global expansion with the opening of its most recent Point of Presence (PoP) in Johannesburg, located at Teraco’s Isando JB1 data centre, 5 Brewery Lane, Isando, South Africa. This is Hurricane Electric’s first Point of Presence on the African continent.   With a nation-wide presence, Teraco is one of the largest data centres in Africa and provides &W6ƖVB6'&W"6VBBfVF"WWG&FFVf&VG06WFW&g&66ƖVG2&VVfBg&FR67B6fw2B&fVB&W6ƖV6Pb6V7W&VǒW6rFV"f&F77FV2BWGv&rWVVB66Ff6ƗGFBW&FW2Fv&&W7B&7F6RvFFRV6bF2FW7BWGv&2BFW&WB6W'f6P&fFW'2vrfRFR'GVGFW6vRG&ff2"( VW.( vFW'&6RVV7G&>( 2&'W7Bv&WGv&fg&6( 2&vW7BFW&W@U6vRBg&6FRWrv6&fFR'W6W76W0&6VBvF6WFW&g&666W72FFR6( 2cBBc`WGv&F&VvtRvv&BWFW&WBtRvv&BWFW&WBBvtRvv&BWFW&WB'G2B2&W7VB&FWrBW7Fp7W7FW'2v&R&RFWW&V6R7&V6VBF&VvWB&VGV6VBFV7B&fVB&VƖ&ƗGࠠ