DCN August 2016 - Page 38

projects & agreements Gigya’s new Russian data centre helps companies comply with privacy legislation Gigya has announced the opening of a new data centre within Russian national borders to ensure compliance with the Russian Federation’s Personal Data Protection Act, which went into effect on 1st September 2015. The bill mandates that companies which maintain online properties serving Russian citizens must store those citizens’ data within Russian borders. The new law reflects a global trend toward governments requiring that their citizens’ data reside locally. Other recent examples of this include the recent regulatory shake up in the EU, where the previous Safe Harbour Framework for securing US – EU data transfers was deemed invalid and ultimately replaced with the more stringent Privacy Shield agreement. In all, since 2013, 20 or so countries have either proposed or discussed potential laws which would require Internet data in those countries to remain within their borders. To address this trend, Gigya employs a multiple data centre strategy to ensure that their customers avoid risk while still delivering seamless and trusted customer experiences to global audiences. By maintaining multiple data centres Gigya enables clients to conduct business internationally while remaining in compliance with local laws. EQUINIX INVESTS $113M IN NEW AMSTERDAM DATA CENTRE Equinix has announced that it will build a new International Business Exchange (IBX) in Amsterdam at its existing campus at the Amsterdam Science Park. The newest data centre, called AM4, will support growing demand for Platform Equinix in Amsterdam, one of the most network dense locations globally. Equinix also announced it is now offering direct connectivity to AWS in Amsterdam. Amsterdam has long been a key digital gateway, as businesses can reach 80 per cent of Europe within 50 milliseconds, making this an ideal market for enterprises to locate their IT infrastructure to maximise performance. Already operating two significant Amsterdam data centre campuses, Equinix will add capacity to meet growing demand for hybrid cloud, interconnection and connectivity to business ecosystems across a number of vertical markets and Internet exchanges.