DCN August 2016 - Page 30

hybrid integration MIX TO THE MAX Ashwin Viswanath of Talend looks at how hybrid integration, broken down into five phases, can help businesses overcome the challenges emerging from digital business. A ccording to the Digital Universe study by IDC, global data volumes will grow from 4.4 zettabytes in 2013 to 44 zettabytes by 2020. That’s a staggering increase. Managing all of this new data represents several opportunities for businesses, but also significant challenges. After all, it’s not just the volume of data as much as the increasing variety of data sources and formats that presents a problem. With mobile Apps, machine data, on-premises applications and Software as a Service (SaaS) all flourishing, we are witnessing the rise of an increasingly complicated information value-chain ecosystem. IT leaders need to incorporate a portfolio based approach and combine cloud and on-premises deployment models to sustain competitive advantage. Improving the scale and flexibility of data integration across both environments to deliver a hybrid offering is vital to provid [HY]HHY[H]HY[YKH]][ۈوXY[Yܘ][ۂ\X\ܙX]\\]Z\[Y[˜[ܝ[]Y\܈۝\[˜\X][ۈ[]H[Yܘ][ۋBY[][ۈوXY[Yܘ][ۈ[۝[YH]K]H8&\X[ۂو][8&H\X\HHY \\\ڙX[[[ZX™ܛ[XXY[[˂Xܙ[H\X\\KHܛYpXXY\X\X\]\ڙXY™ܛ MH\[[ M[ \H MX[ MKHY\ܛ[YBpY\[H[\X\B\X\ [\X\H\H\XBXXTJKX\ڙXYܛŒ \[[ MH[ܙX\[\ۈHYYX[]\Y\[YYš]H[YX]HXY[Yܘ][ۂ]YK][[ H]HY[YYY]H\\وY]H[Yܘ][ۋ\[]H\[[X]\H[[YYB[YY[YH[\ܝ\]K\KHݚYHHYYݙ\Y]›وXX\Hو][Yܘ][ۂ[YY\[\\[[Z\HH\X\^H[ݙBHۙH\H^ \H N\X][”XT\ۋ\[Z\B]X\\•H\YH[][[BXY[Yܘ][ۈ]ܛH\‚\X]HXT\X][ۜۜ[Z\\]X\\ˈ\[Y\[\][Y[[\H\X[BZ]\YY[[]XۈYHقH\[\ܚ]X[[ܛX][ۂ۝Z[Y[Z\XT\܈^B\H[[XT]HHY[™]X\H]][HXY\H\ۋ\[Z\\\˂\[ܙX\HH[X[]Bو^\[[\X\K]8&\\[ݙHHY\Y]B\Z\H\XH][U^\K܈HY B[X[]Hو\HY\Y\X\YX[\[\\۸&]YY[X\Y[[[[[H]X\\ˈY][ۘ[K^H][H[Y]و][]B\YX[ˈ]\]BY[HوXT\^B[\][][[ܙH]K^HX^B[YYYHY[[]Xœ][ۈ\\وZ\XY[Yܘ][ۈ]YK\H [Yܘ][XT˜\]ۋ\[Z\\\XX[Hو\[\\Z\Y\YXT\وXN[\\\Y[]H[\ٛܘKX\][\X\]ܚ^K[[[H]Z]K]\\HXT\[YY‚