DCN August 2016 - Page 21

advertorial Avoiding dreaded downtime Andrews Air Conditioning discusses how to avoid dreaded downtime. National infrastructure and businesses of all sizes rely on the effective operation of data centres. Data centre downtime costs the UK £10.5 billion per year, yet 78 per cent of UK organisations are not fully confident in their ability to recover after a disruption. Commercial data centres trade on the basis of customers knowing that their data is in safe hands, making downtime non-negotiable. The impacts of downtime to your clients’ businesses include reduced employee productivity and difficulties with financial transactions. Both result in lost sales revenue, with £54,750 being the approximate average cost of network outages experienced by companies each year. In 2013, just five minutes of Google downtime resulted in a 40 per cent drop in global online traffic, costing the company unimaginable losses in pay-per-click advertising revenue. Added to the immediate revenue implications, unhappy customers who are inconvenienced by disruption to services can develop a long term negative brand perception. Data centres of all sizes can be prone to overheating and hotspots caused by poor airflow and inefficient cooling solutions. So don’t leave the temperature control of your data centre to chance. This infographic outlines immediate actions which data centre managers can take to minimise heat build up and avoid dreaded downtime. Contingency planning is also an important consideration, both for back up during planned maintenance on current air conditioning systems and in the event of an unexpected emergency. A specialist provider can identify the most suitable and cost effective air conditioning solution for your particular needs. Serving organisations of all sizes on a 24/7/365 basis, Andrews Air Conditioning has over 40 years’ experience working closely with data centres. Items can be ring-fenced to ensure availability when you need them and units can be delivered on site from one of its nationwide depots in as little as four hours. www.andrews-sykes.com