DCN August 2016

Vol. 5 | Issue 2 August 2016 data centre news w w w. d a t a c e n t r e n e w s . c o . u k The New Sudlows Critical Infrastructures Enterprise Services Facilities Management Our award winning business has expanded to now include Critical Infrastructures, Enterprise Services and Facilities Management, WYV]PKPUNV\YJSPLU[Z^P[OHJVTWYLOLUZP]L[LJOUPJHSZLY]PJLZVќLYPUN Call 0800 783 5697 or email hello@sudlows.com to discover more about what we can do www.sudlows.com Audit | Design | Build | Install | Maintain INSIDE… SPECIAL FEATURE: COOLING CASE STUDY: PRODUCTS & INNOVATIONS: EMCOR UK CONNECTS WOKING BOROUGH COUNCIL HD FLEX 2.0 FIBRE CABLING SYSTEM FROM PANDUIT