DCN August 2016 - Page 24

cooling KEEPING IT COOL IN A HIGH DENSITY WORLD Steve Davis of Next Generation Data gives some guidance on how to get more efficiency out of your cooling system. C ooling, together with power and energy management, is critical to data centre resilience and uptime as well as in determining a facility’s overall power usage effectiveness 24 (PUE). With cooling typically accounting for 40 per cent or more of a data centre’s total energy bill, the more that can be done to optimise and reduce cooling the better from cost, environmental and legislative perspectives. There are various options and alternatives available – some only within the grasp of new build rather than legacy facilities – including the harnessing of climatically cooler locations that favour direct air and evaporative techniques; installing intelligent predictive cooling systems; using water, liquid or nan 6ƖpFV6vW3rvF&W&WV6FP6R6FVBFV6VW2( 2@"6BgVFVF7FWFv&G0&fr6ƖrVff6V72FfPvg&W&WFW"6ƖrvW&V'5$526&7VFR6B"f&6V@f"VV7FVBFB@6R6B6R6fwW&FvF&60ƖvVB&w2B6W'fW"WW7G0f6rRFW"F7&VFRFR@6R6&VBvFFR6W&FbBB6B"7G&V2F&VvVFW"B52"6B4526P6FVBF2&6vV&P6Ɩr77FV2F&R6WBFvW FVW&GW&W26fr&RVW&wvR7F&fFr6fRW&FpFVW&GW&W2f"BWVVBgFVW6VB6&FvFG&FFW&WFW"6ƖrFR450&6V66W2FR6B6RF6W&FRFRBB6B"7G&V0vrFR&W7BbFRFFF&V6RR6vRB"VVFPFFFb6B6RVB7W'F2 F'2B6VƖw2vgW'FW"&VGV6PFR֗rb"7G&V2ࠤW&VBVff6V6W0vR45226W'Fǒ&p&fVVB6ƖrVff6V76&VBFFR6R&VƖ6RW&WFW"ǒ&6FW&P&RW&VBVff6V6W2F20GVRFFRF7F6RB&W77W&W0BFW&Vf&RVW&w&WV&VBf F7G&'WFr7Vff6VFǒ6VB"g&ЧFRW&WFW"5$52FFR6W'fW'2FW&R&R6Ɩ֗FF2vF452&66ƖrFV6FW0fW"frGVRFFRƖ֗FF0bF7G&'WFr7Vff6VFǒ6B F&Vv&6VBf'2vW"FV6FW0&WV&RvW"&frB&GV6pBG&fr&vW"fVW2b6B