DCN April 2017 - Page 8

industry news INDONESIA POISED FOR DATA CENTRE GROWTH AS COUNTRY BEGINS SHIFT TO OUTSOURCING As the third largest data centre market among south-east Asia’s four principal economies, and having both strong international cable connectivity and an active Internet Exchange, Indonesia could be poised for further growth. A new report from BroadGroup, Data Centers Indonesia, suggests that the country offers potential, development space and an attractive local economy to overseas investors and enterprises. New facility build has been led so far by local companies, but overseas investment has also occurred notably by Equinix and NTT Communications. However, the market also confronts a number of challenges for data centres. Power developments have not been as fast, with infrastructure largely based on coal, and although plans are 6RFFWfVgW'FW"6vf6B6VvW"7WǒF26VBFRFW"fW"V'2 &RF&VƗ6RVFW'&6RWG6W&6r6vFFW"6&WG22VFW&FWfVVBv6FV7G&FW2FW&R0V6Fv'WB6&VfV7G2FR7FvRbWfWFFF6VG&W2FR6VG'( FW62gFVVFVB2&֗6r&WBf"FF6VG&Rw&wF( 6VFVBƗr`'&Dw&WFR&W'B&W6V&6W"( BG2G&VVFW2FVF2FVBBW6vR6gG2g&V&ǒ&VƖ6P6&RG&fVFFFF&B'GWG6W&6rvFfW'6V2VFW'&6W2v6vRv6VRfW"FRW@fWrV'2FRvW"77VW2vVVBF&R&W6fVBFRFW&( FR&W'B7VvvW7G2FBFW62GfFvW2f"FF6VG&Rw&wFv66VBVBgW'FW 3BW"6VBFW&2b76RfW"FRWBGvV'26vf6BGf6W2WG6W&6rWB&RG&fVBf7FW"&FR26VW"FVBfW'FW26V6FfFW2&WBFF&f7B6V7W&GखFW6( 2FF6VG&R&W@6VB&R6V@f"gW'FW w&wFकBg&7G'V7GW&Pg&6W7@F&vW7BT45U$U0tU"D5E$%UD4ĔDR4E$