DCN April 2017 - Page 51

Products & innovations Rackspace Launches Global Professional Services for Enterprise Customers Rackspace has announced an expanded professional services offering to help customers move workloads out of their data centres and onto the world’s leading public and private cloud platforms. This offer, called Global Solutions and Services, (GSS) will provide customers across all markets with the specialised expertise and support needed to transform their IT operations. Through GSS, Rackspace architects and engineers will work with customers to plan, assess, design, migrate, manage and optimise their journey to the cloud, helping to ensure they achieve maximum performance, agility and cost efficiency. Rackspace GSS will place an added focus on enterprise and mid-market businesses, and will help support their evolving business needs by providing specialised expertise and professional services in several key areas, such as security, compliance and governance. The GSS offering is now available globally. For further information visit: www.rackspace.com/en-gb/professional-services Siemon introduces new Base 8 plug and play fibre system Siemon has expanded its line of LightHouse advanced fibre cabling solutions with a comprehensive Base 8 plug and play system consisting of fibre enclosures, modules, adaptors, assemblies and jumpers. Current 40Gb/s (40GBASE-SR4) and 100Gb/s (100GBASE- SR4) multimode fibre applications deployed for backbone switch-to- switch links in the data centre are based on eight optical fibres with four fibres transmitting and four receiving at either 10Gb/s or 25Gb/s. When using 12-fibre MPO/MTP solutions for these eight-fibre applications, 33 per cent of the optical fibre goes unused. While conversion cords or modules can be used to enable 100 per cent fibre utilisation, these solutions add additional cost and complexity. Furthermore, conversion modules add increased insertion loss, which can significantly limit flexibility when deploying fibre links. Siemon’s new Base 8 plug and play system enables 100 per cent fibre utilisation, eliminating the need for conversion cords or modules while providing a complete end-to-end Base 8 fibre system for the most efficient support of current and future eight-fibre applications. The system includes Siemon’s high density FCP3 fibre enclosure along with snap-in Base 8 modules that feature three eight-fibre MTPs to 24 LCs to support 10Gb/s applications and MTP adaptor plates to support day-one 40Gb/s or 100Gb/s applications. For further information visit: www.siemon.com/lighthouse Huawei and Commvault Jointly Launch the Hybrid Cloud Back up Solution Huawei and Commvault have released their hybrid cloud back up solution at CeBIT 2017. The solution enables enterprises to efficiently and securely back up the core data of private data centres to a Huawei public cloud platform using Commvault software. The solution significantly reduces customer investment in data back up while simplifying back up data maintenance. In addition, the solution provides on-demand storage resources to support businesses that are growing rapidly, enabling enterprises to get planning and maintenance free back up storage while ensuring a high level of security and availability of all critical data. In contrast to on-premises data backup, this off-premises solution provides remote disaster recovery, enabling Huawei public clouds to provide convenient, large capacity object storage at a low cost and remarkable da ф)Ʌ丁%ѥѡ)ͽѥ́ѕ)Ʌ͵ͥхѥф)ѥͼ́ѼՅɅѕ)ѡ͕ɥ䁽ѕɥ͔)фQɥՐ)ͽѥ́ɕѱ䁅)Ѽѡ=Q Ր)եЁ!Յݕ)͍Q)ȁѡȁɵѥ٥ͥ)ܹՅݕ)ܹمձй)ɥ܁