DCN April 2017 - Page 50

Products & innovations Migsolv & PSTG join forces to offer full data centre, hardware & support package Data centre operator Migsolv has struck a partnership with IT systems company PSTG, to offer a full packaged service including data centre colocation, system design, hardware and support. Migsolv provides IT colocation services from its ultra secure Gatehouse facility in Norwich – the only major data centre in the Norfolk/Suffolk area. The company provides flexible rack space from 1U upwards to public bodies and companies across all sectors, from small organisations to large enterprises. It also provides an IT migration service to help customers move into The Gatehouse and comprehensive, round-the-clock support. Professional Services Technology Group (PSTG) is a value-added reseller of computer hardware, providing a comprehensive set of associated services from initial systems design through to support. It operates across many sectors – with particular expertise in health, finance and hospitality – working with vendors including HP, EMC, IBM, Cisco, Dell and Microsoft. The new partnership enables PSTG to offer its customers a highly secure data centre in the East of England, while it enables Migsolv to offer hardware and associated consultancy services. It also enables the two companies to bid jointly for requirements for a full packaged service. For further information visit: www.migsolv.com 50 | April 2017 Brocade Extends Gen 6 Fibre Channel Portfolio with Entry Level Switch and Virtual Machine Visibility for Storage Networks Brocade has announced the Brocade G610, a no-compromise storage switch for always-on connectivity to the all-flash data centre. This breakthrough switch leverages the power of Brocade Gen 6 Fibre Channel technology, providing up to 32Gbps performance, simplicity and functionality that helps organisations adapt to dynamic workloads and new demands for always-on business operations. Brocade also announced expanded monitoring capabilities through Brocade Fabric Vision technology with the availability of VM Insight. VM Insight delivers proactive visibility into the health and performance of individual virtual machines (VMs) to help administrators uncover issues before applications are affected. Digital transformation, the rapid adoption of flash storage and the emergence of Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) is driving new requirements for a modern infrastructure that can optimise application performance and adapt to evolving data centre needs. To meet those needs, Gen 6 Fibre Channel SAN solutions are designed to provide digital enterprises with superior performance, non-stop availability B'VB֖dR6&ƗFW2f"f6FF6VG&W2f"gW'FW"f&Ff6Cwwr'&6FR6Ф6Wv&RƖ6FVFBG&6f&0g&R7&W'6V7W&GB6Ɩ6P6Wv&R6'&F2V6VBFRf&ƗGbƖ6FVFBখfFfR7&W'6V7W&GB6Ɩ6R6WFFBG&F6ǒV6W2FP&ƗGbVFW'&6W2F7F6FW"F&VG2'gVǒ6GW&rBǗ6r7F'BFЦf6g&RƖ6FW6W"&VfW"F2V&6VBg&RW6W"&VfW"FVƖvV6R2W7V6ǒ'FBF&vRVFW'&6W2vfVFRf7BFBFV"7B6V6FfRFFB7B'W6W72Ц7&F677FV2b&V6&BG6ǒ&W6FRFRg&R6Wv&RƖ6FVFBF&V7Fǒ6GW&W26WFR&67F'BFf6W6W 6W767FfGFF&VFR( 26VFr7V66W76gVv26W76W&&@6G2BVR6VV7F27V6f2FF'&w6VBB&RƖ6FVFN( 2GVFfRvV"FW&f6RVvW'2R6VFr6V7W&GB6Ɩ6R7FfbvFWBWFV6fRg&RFf&WW&V6RF6W@6W76&V6&Fr&WFW'2&WfWrVFBFF6fwW&RfVVG2BW&f&FW F֖7G&FfRF62W2&V6W6RƖ6FVFBFW6( B&WV&R6vW2Fg&RƖ6F2B7F'G2FVƗfW&r&VVfG2VFFVǒVFW'&6RB&v6F26W6RFRFF&fFVB'Ɩ6FVFB&F'G6VbB6V7FvFFV"6V7W&Gf&FBWfVBvVV@4TҒ77FV2F&RV6ǒBVffV7FfVǒFWFV7BfW7FvFRB&W7BF6VB"VvǒW&66VBW6W"66VG22vV27W'BVvfW7FvF0vF6WFRB7&VF&Rf&V672FFFǒ6Ɩ6RFFW2&Vv&Fp&FV7Fb6V6FfRFF6&RFǒgVfVBf"gW'FW"f&Ff6Cwwr6Wv&R6