DCN April 2017 - Page 46

Projects & Agreements Tegile Helps Bolton College Enhance its Data Storage Tegile Systems has enabled Bolton College to enhance the performance of its data storage environment and consolidate its volumes, freeing up half its existing capacity and future proofing it for the next five years. Thanks to the data deduplication and inline compression technologies in Tegile’s flash driven hybrid arrays, this customer has realised a 57 per cent reduction in its storage requirements, from 43TB down to 19TB. This saving includes an impressive drop from 4TB to below 1TB of primary storage needed to support the college’s virtual desktop infrastructure. Prior to the deployment of the new system, the college systems were running on eight Dell EqualLogic storage arrays. Until the implementation of Tegile’s T3630 array, the customer’s growing data storage requirements were met by periodically adding arrays to the existing environment. This approach was inefficient as the data was spread across multiple SANs, making its management unnecessarily time consuming and leading to higher power consumption as well as greater floor space requirements. By the time the legacy storage at Bolton College had reached its end of life, it held approximately 43TB of unstructured raw data. Senior infrastructure engineer Irfan Patail and his team were keen to move to a solution that would simplify administration, consolidate data, and scale over the next five years. For further information visit: www.tegile.com 46 | April 2017 Six Degrees Group Delivers Hybrid Cloud Through Interxion’s Cloud Connect Platform Interxion has announced that UK based Six Degrees Group has selected its Cloud Connect platform to build and manage private connections to multiple public cloud providers. The platform enables Six Degrees to deliver the benefits of a hybrid cloud strategy to its customers, without the performance and security concerns associated with using the public Internet to do so. Organisations in the UK can now easily leverage Six Degrees’ expertise and network coverage to extend its IT to the public cloud. Head of product data at Six Degrees Richard Norman stated, ‘Interxion’s Cloud Connect platform is a key enabler for our Cloudhop service that provides secure and private network connectivity to hyperscale public cloud services. We provide managed hosting services on Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, including Office 365, and Cloudhop allows us to provide end-to-end solutions spanning network, infrastructure, platform and application management.’ Cloud Connect from Interxion provides secure and high performance interconnections to multiple clouds from one physical connection. It meets growing demand from organisations for high performance and secure hybrid cloud architecture. For further information visit: www.interxion.com Crawford Media Services builds media digitisation and preservation services on Quantum Lattus object storage Quantum has announced that Atlanta based Crawford Media Services is using Lattus object storage to build a content repository that supports mass migration of its clients’ legacy content to digital formats and provides ongoing media storage and management. Designed to hold an initial 1.2 petabytes of archived assets, as well as content ingested during new projects, the system gives Crawford Media a sophisticated storage infrastructure that cost effectively accommodates ongoing expansion of the company’s services and customer base. At Crawford Media, the mass digitisation of clients’ content involves the generation of thousands of media files, all at the high bit rates and large file sizes suitable for production. As its business continued to grow, the resilience limitations of its existing archive architecture became ever more obvious. The integration of Lattus with Crawford’s existing archive approach was the final step in the development of the company’s second generation managed archive, Amber. Amber, named after the prized substance that preserves prehistoric specimens, provides a level of immunity to system failure and data corruption not previously achievable. Crawford’s second generation archive offers peace of mind for organisations concerned with long- term security and access for their content. For further information visit: www.quantum.com