DCN April 2017 - Page 45

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Spark44 shifts up a gear with Datapipe ’ s Managed AWS Solution

Datapipe has led the cloud migration and digital transformation of global digital advertising agency Spark44 . Migrating its legacy infrastructure to the public cloud has given Spark44 the ability to manage and control digital assets consistently across the world .
Spark44 is a joint venture with Jaguar Land Rover that specialises in developing demand creation programmes globally . With 18 offices in 16 countries spread globally , Spark44 found that distributing materials and content to local agencies had become increasingly challenging .
In the digital era , where content is in a continuous cycle of updates and refreshes that change almost daily , Spark44 needed a platform that would maximise its ability to deploy content globally . As its legacy infrastructure was becoming a significant hurdle for the business , Spark44 migrated its infrastructure onto AWS ’ public cloud with the help of Datapipe .
Spark44 decided that the public cloud was the best solution for its requirements , but without the expertise to migrate and manage a public cloud infrastructure , it looked to Datapipe for assistance . Through working with Datapipe , Spark44 can automate processes that were previously manual , and it has the resilience and scalability to cope with increased customer demands for tracked campaigns and in-depth analysis of results . This has set the agency up for future success and growth as its infrastructure is now built for scale .
For further information visit : www . datapipe . com