DCN April 2017 - Page 40

hybrid cloud UNLOCKING THE BENEFITS OF HYBRID CLOUD Dr Malcolm Murphy, technology director, Western Europe, Infoblox, highlights the importance of intelligent network automation in controlling, securing and analysing next generation data centre and cloud environments. A ccording to Forrester, more than half of businesses intend to adopt a hybrid cloud model over the next 12 months. And when you consider the lower infrastructure cost, greater agility, and improved security when compared to public clouds or traditional client-server architecture, it’s not hard to understand this increased interest in hybrid clouds and virtualised, automated data centres. Transitioning from a public or private cloud to a hybrid model will require organisations to operate in a multi-cloud, multi-platform environment, often including traditional on-premises components alongside Microsoft Azure, Amazon 40 | April 2017 Web Services (AWS), and other OpenStack cloud technologies. But, while automated processes for spinning up storage and compute can offer tremendous spe Y \[\Y[]H[][ۙY\[\Xو[ܙ[\][۸&\]ܚX\]‘ XZ[H\\HXܛšXY[\ۛY[[ٝ[H\^ [[[BX[YYX[X[K[YY HY[]H]\›]Y[\ۛY[Z\\˜[HY]][HYXYBX[X[\\\[BX[Y[Y[و[T X][Hۛۈ\K\\X\\H[[˜]\H[ۜ\[Y\XܛXY\[\[\[ܙX\[[\X[]Y\][\[[]Y\X\]HXX\[[ݙ\[܈\\^\Y[KH^Hو[\][ۋۜY\YXH[\X\KۙBوH[^]Y\وB]ܚ][ٝ[HHY[ܘX[]]ܚ&\[][ۋ]H[X[\Z[B\[\\X[\HY]\[\\\[[[]X]]HX\XX[XYY Y^HH]Y[\X[HX\]HوZ\]ܚ]8&\[\ܝ[ \YܙK܂\[\\ۜY\[\[[H[YYY]ܛH[[\HBX[Y[Y[وHܙH\X\˜]][][ۋ