DCN April 2017 - Page 32

cabling, Enclosures, Cabinets & Racks connections, ports, power and cooling. To accommodate demand, today’s data centres need to increase agility, offer higher levels of service, reduce complexity and cut costs. Vital considerations in planning and decision making include density, data rates, design and cost. The need to invest to improve networking performance has grown drastically. Research by DCD showed that in 2015 58.6 per cent of data centre owners and operators were concerned about inadequate networks. As a result of the changes described, we’ve been seeing an increase of East-West traffic, as opposed to North-South traffic. Increasing data rates and port numbers in environments with rigidly defined sizes require significantly increased density. Data centres want greater freedom to choose between End of Row (EoR), Middle of Row (MoR) and Top of Rack (ToR) to bring design flexibility, performance optimisation and, in many cases, considerable cost savings. Server energy efficiency levels are generally poor and there’s significant pressure on data centre owners and operators to become more efficient. That’s an important driver for server virtualisation, which requires low latency. Meeting bandwidth demand While 10G data centres might currently be the norm, demand for increased bandwidth is one of the top pressures operators are facing. In fact, data centre bandwidth is becoming a bottleneck, slowing the progression of the Internet of Things. To ensure the longevity of a data centre, operators need cabling that will be able to support the next generation of equipment. The current 10G networks and 32 | April 2017 structured cabling will do for now, but the data centre needs to be able to make the move to 25G, 40G, 50G or even 100G bandwidths. In order to do that, operators need a migration path that reuses and reconfigures part of the installation to save costs and prevent downtime. Having a clear migration path simplifies installation and upgrade, lengthens the usable lifespan of the facility and reduces the total cost of ownership. When space is at a premium Since data centres now need to change rapidly, careful use of space is essential. The less space taken up by cabling the better. For t