DCN April 2017 - Page 29

cabling, Enclosures, Cabinets & Racks A simple task It is important to make sure that labelling cables in the workplace remains a simple task. Access to an efficient and reliable labelling system can help to ensure the safety of the workplace and prevent any costly health and safety repercussions. Ease is important when you consider the regulations and standards around labelling requirements and colour coding. According to research from Uptime Institute, a US based advisory organisation focused on improving business critical infrastructure, human and mechanical error is responsible for 88 per cent of power outages in businesses, therefore cable management plays a major role in preventing unplanned failures. Having organised cables will ensure that there is minimal damage to the wires as well as the machines. Any tangled mess will interfere with the airflow into the computers, which is essential to keep computer component temperatures down and preserve functionality. Without intelligent labelling, the chances of complications occurring are significantly heightened, plus recovery becomes a challenging task costing both time and money. A simple solution such as label ready made templates can ‘Failing to properly label cables is inevitably costly to data centre operations.’ maintain organisation in a simple yet effective manner, transforming a complex system into an easy to navigate arrangement. The ramifications of cable disorder cannot be underestimated and yet can be easily deterred by delivering intelligent cable management and effective cable labelling. Failing to properly label cables is inevitably costly to data centre operations as it can contribute to interruptions and prolong downtime. By establishing a solution to cut down on time lost addressing operational hindrances, it will enable a focus on the important tasks with minimal distractions. April 2017 | 29