DCN April 2017 - Page 25

cabling, Enclosures, Cabinets & Racks PLUGGING THE GAPS Do data centre racks and enclosures cost us money or save us money? The answer to that question revolves primarily around airflow management. Neil Staley, product marketing executive at Excel, discusses the importance of a solid airflow strategy within the data centre. T he industry has made its decision and in the UK at least, we all love the standard style ANSI/EIA- 301-E 19in network rack. These racks, from many different vendors, are used in hundreds of different types of deployments, but a key market for their use is within the data centre. In this market they can be deployed in their thousands. With such vast numbers being used in these facilities it’s easy when commissioning a deployment to look at the initial cost of the racks and not so much at the total long term return on investment (ROI). Once the equipment is loaded and powered up, it will start to try and cool itself through its internal fans, which will draw ambient air through the unit. These units are fundamentally, from a physical point of view, made as individual items. Yet from a service point of view, they are also made to work in networks, clusters and together. From a physical point of view one switch or server taking in ambient air, which is then cooled and expelled, is no problem. However, the issues &6R( FR&Vv&N( 2FW&RFWVBFV 76W2rvFFW"77FV0B6W26fVB76W2RFR&62F7&VFRWGv&2F2VFVB"6&V6&7VFP&VB7FVBWVV@vF&67&VFrFVFǐ7&V6r&VBFVW&GW&PBF26&W7VBFPfW&VFrbBWVVB&frvVV@77FV0vFFP6'&V7B&fpvVV@77FV&606V6G&FR&V@FVW&GW&R`WVVBआvWfW"FR&62FBFR@WVVB27FVB6VvFFRFWVBb&fpvVVB77FV2F6G&FR&VBFVW&GW&Rb 'VrF&VvFRWVV@B֗FvFR&V6&7VF`v&"fW'F6R76rFB0BVFVBvFWVV@6VBfR&涖rVfGFV@7Frv&"g&V6ǐG&fW'6r&6FFRg&BbFP&6FW6R&涖rV26&RfGFVBF6fW"6WfW&RvFW7BRVf"WReRआvWfW"B26BFBW6rPV26VBvV&RFR&W7BvF&6F2RV2pf"72F&RVFW'FVvFWB77VRfFr66V&0vW&RWrR6W'fW"VVG2fGFp6V7Fb&6FB2ePFRfGFVBFR6R77VW26VvF&62vW&RFW&R076Rf""w&W72BFP6FW2bVFVBWVVBf6ƗFW2FV6FR7V6f2&6Vf7GW&W"f"FffW&V@&V62'F7V"fVGW&R&6&6&R66Vf"W6R@&fFRFR&W7BfBvWfW"B6RvF6&֗6RWVVBFWVB&RB7B&&&ǒv&Rg&ЦVW&W2fVF'2vFFffW&V@VFr77FV2F2W2@f'GVǒ76&Rf"FV2F&PW6VBVf&ǒFF66W&vR fG&FFRfW'F6RfW'F6&ffR77FV26fW'6ǒ&VVGF277VR77FV06&RfGFVBvW&RW'GW&W0&R&6VBfbFW6R77FV2f@&WGvVVFRWG6FRbFR&fW0B6FRV2FvFRVF&PVvBbFR&6FW6R77FV066f6v2&WGvVVFR7G'WG2FB&RG&62FFP67G'V7FbFR&62vV2FRfW'FB&GFv6&R&V2FB6BWG6FRbFRP&fW2BvW&R&涖rV06ǒ6B&RfGFVB( 27&VFpv&VBFR7FV@&GV7G2FW&Vf&RG&fr&fpFW7FǒvW&RBVVG2Fv( 0F&VvFRWVVBF2VG2Fv&G2PFr7G&FVw&fr7G&FVw&62FWVBvFW&v֖6ǐFW6vVB&frvVV@BfW&R6WF27G&FVv0v6V7&VFR&RVff6VBVffV7FfR6WF2B&VGV6RFPvW"W6vRVffV7FfVW72TR`FF6VG&R&#r#