DCN April 2017 - Page 13

CO N F I G U R AT I O N M A N AG E M E N T PR O B L E M S? D C I M N OT D E L I V E R I N G T H E R O I E X PE C T E D? M A K E I N F O R M E D D E C I S I O N S A B O U T YO U R DATA C E N T R E W I T H T R AC K I T At TRACKIT we focus on driving more ROI from your data centre. We give you full and accurate IT asset inventory providing complete visibility – and fast. Data is delivered to YOUR platform requirements, either your existing DCIM tool or TRACKIT, our next generation application. In just 1 week we can audit 5,000 devices, train your team, populate the tool, and establish visibility of metered data - so you can start more effectively planning and reporting on your environment. We’ve delivered an almost instant ROI to hundreds of DC owners by providing clear visibility of their estate, driving down space and power consumption, and increasing operational efficiency and configuration accuracy. Want to be one of them? Find out how at: www.trackit-solutions.com/audits/ or watch our data centre audit video TRACKIT Solutions Ltd – New Patricks Yard, Recorder Roa B'v6#"VFVBvFE$4B6WF22( 2sCR'&GvwFf"Wr&U4